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    I am new to this site but have read this forum for a long time. I love ballparks and always have. Over the course of the past couple of years I have made many models of my favorite parks. This has turned into a small business for me. I just thought I would share some of my models with you guys to see what you think.

    I'm not sure how to just upload some pictures or I would do that.

    My site is :

    It's still a work in progress.

    Please let me know what you think or ask any questions that you have.

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    A few Pictures

    Here a just a few pictures of some of the models that I have made.
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      Nice indeed! What materials do you use? What scale are the parks? How much do they cost? Can you make an Ebbets Field? What do you want for your Fenway Park? Sorry for all the questions, but your email address doesn' work.
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        Thanks penncentralpete,

        Each model is built to a different scale. However, most models are approximately 12-18 inches square.

        The models are build from primarily card stock. It does not sound like a strong material but when they are completely they are very solid.

        It's funny that you ask about Ebbets field because I am currently working on a model of it, which is my favorite park of all time. That model is double the size of most of my work making it about 20 inches square at the base. I could post or email some pictures of its progress if you would like.

        The price of the models is dependent upon a couple of factors. I don't know what the issue with my email is. [email protected] should definitely work.


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          I'm interested in your Ebbets Field model. Keep me up to date please.
          you can take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the DODGERS


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            Here are a few pics of Ebbets Field in progress. Only the lower level seats are completed at this time.
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              A few more pictures

              Well I have finally figured out the right way to post pictures so I will go ahead and put a few more up. If anyone has any questions please let me know. I would really like to know what you guys think of my work.
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                Ballpark Models

                Any chance of working on the Polo Grounds. Outstanding models!


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                  Polo Grounds

                  The Polo Grounds is a definite possibility. I build models of parks that I am interested in and also those that others want built. If you wanted a Polo Grounds Model, it would get done.

                  Thanks for the compliment.


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                    ballpark visions,

                    is there any way you could post a tutorial on how you build your models? excellent work by the way!


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                      I will not post a detailed tutorial here as I could probably write for days about what I do to build the models. However, I will post the basics and if you have specific questions let me know. I have been building these models for about 10 years now and my technique continues to evolve with each model.

                      To be very simple this is card stock modeling and a quick Google search will provide more than enough reading on the process. The basic steps of card modeling are computer design, printing, scoring, cutting, folding, and gluing.

                      To make a model, such as the Ebbets Field model I am currently working I follow these basic steps:

                      1. Conduct research on ballpark details through the study of pictures and blueprints

                      2. The most important thing is to find reliable original blueprints for field and seating dimensions

                      3. The design of all aspects of the stadium is then created based on the blueprints and photos

                      4. The field is first created and printed according to exact blueprint details

                      5. Each seating level is then created using the paint tools in photoshop. I have used the draw tools in Microsoft Word in the past which are surprisingly good for this type of work

                      6. Each deck is then printed, scored, folded and glued into position

                      7. Once the inside of the ballpark is complete, the exterior skin is then applied

                      8. Detail work is complete and the model is done

                      9. Each piece that is printed and folded is also coated in a clear spray enamel that both protects the piece and gives it a shine

                      10. The model is then given a base and placed in a hand made Plexiglass case

                      That's the basics. Again, if you have any questions about any of the steps or would like a more detailed report let me know. I truly love ballparks and building these models so I would be more than happy to talk to you about it.


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                        Ebbets Update

                        I just wanted to provide a couple of quick pics to show some progress on the Ebbets Field model. If nothing else this will show you part of the process as described in the quick tutorial that I gave.

                        To put in the upper deck section I created posts from cardstock, installed them in the lower level of stands and behind the seats, added the framework for the catwalks, and lowered the section of seats onto the posts.
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                          Any chance you could build a Nationals Park? Again, amazing work.


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                            I could definitely build Nationals Park. The newest park that I have modeled is PNC. I could post some more pics if you are interested.


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                              Awesome! I'd love that. More pictures would be nice too.


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