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    Originally posted by sandlot
    Just looked at this thread for the first time. Wonderful! A real treasure. People going to the ballpark in shirt and tie -- what can you say? Truly, another era. Anyway, saying thank you is not enough, Jackie42. And, sorry, even though I know there's another thread on the subject, I can't help but wonder: What was the first park that you ever saw, and when? Hope you won't mind the question.
    My Dad told me he took me to Ebbets Field on my 4th birthday in 1936, to see Brooklyn lose to the Reds, i don't remember a thing about the game. The first game i remember was opening day at Ebbets Field in 1939 against the Giants, which Brooklyn lost. Im glad you enjoy this thread, there are many more you might want to check out, that you also might enjoy.


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      Jackie... as usual-----------fantastic work.


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        What was the exact height of the left field wall at Ebbets Field and how does that relate to Citi Field..?

        "...So the winning run is on second base, with two outs, three and two to Mookie Wilson.

        Little roller up along first; BEHIND THE BAG! It gets through Buckner!

        Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!"

        - Vin Scully, Announcer


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