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Which BALLPARKS have YOU seen a game in?

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    Philadelphia -
    The Vet (more games there than I can count)
    Whatever that new stadium is called (sorry I've just been up all night with the new baby) (one game last season)

    Pittsburgh -
    Three Rivers Stadium (three years living in the 'burgh while in Grad School)
    PNC Park - (one game three years ago. Beautiful park)

    New York
    Yankee Stadium (Sat in the right field bleachers while the Yanks played the Indians and listened to the crowd chant obscenities at Mark Whiten)

    Fenway Park (watched the Sox take on the Mariners. A-rod went 0-3, Junior went 0-3 and made an error, Pedro showed up late and wasn't inserted in the game until the fifth inning. So much for seeing legends play)

    Tiger Stadium (beautiful, intimate park. Best baseball experience I've ever had. My friend got nailed in the leg by a Canseco home run ball during batting practice and didn't even have the good sense to grab the ball)

    Minor Leagues -
    Lackawanna County Stadium, Scranton PA (Phillies AAA)
    Granger Stadium, Kinston Indians, Kinston, NC (Indians High A)
    Tri-County Stadium, Carolina Mudcats, Zebulon NC (Marlins AA)
    Durham Athletic Park, Durham Bulls, Durham NC (Devil Rays AAA unless that's redundant)
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      I have visited Dodger Stadium twice in 1995

      Dodgers vs Phillies

      Dodgers vs Padres (with Fernando Valenzuela, who got a standing ovation from the Dodgers fans).


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        I've just been to li'l old Fenway, but it's seen a lot of changes over the last few years, so it's as if I've been to different parks. Fenway of 2000 is very different from Fenway 2004. There was a lot of noise made a few years ago about building a new park partially on top of where Fenway now stands, but I think that idea has thankfully gone by the boards. The new ownership has done what the Yawkey Trust ought to have done years ago, in opening up the concourses and improving the place; the YT seemed content to let the poor old park fall down around their ears.

        The H/W/L group still hasn't committed to staying in Fenway -- not in so many words. But they keep adding seats (most notably the Monster Seats and Right Field Roof seats) and as soon as the season was over they rebuilt the playing surface, so it looks like we will still enjoy baseball in this historic little bandbox for years to come.
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          I've been to:

          Candlestick<--and the freezer burns to prove it!
          Oakland Collesuem<--take your binoculars
          Dodger Stadium<--it's a gem, but starting to show it's age
          Anaheim Stadium<--a nice place to go
          County Stadium<--I was surprised how loud it was
          Qualcomm<--home of fish tacos
          Fenway Park<--saw Tommy Harper hit a homer
          Yankee Stadium<--went right before the first remodel. Sudden Sam McDowell pitched a 1-0 shutout. Also, people in the stands bet on ANYTHING during the game.


          Jeez, I forgot that I saw a game at Arlington back in 1983. The Rangers were terrible and the game was forgettable. My impression was it seemed like a blown up minor league park, which is I guess true.
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            Originally posted by ElHalo
            Hm. Let's see. In order of how many games I've seen there...

            Shea Stadium, Queens
            Yankee Stadium, Bronx
            Tiger Stadium, Detroit
            Fenway Park, Boston
            Camden Yards, Baltimore
            Skydome, Toronto
            Exposition Stadium, Montreal
            Candlestick Park, San Fransisco
            Veterans' Stadium, Philadelphia
            Astrodome, Houston

            I dont know if it's a misprint, or if I'm ignorant, but I have never heard of Exposition stadium in Montréal. We did have a stadium built for the universal exposition of 1967 called the Autostade, but I am not aware of any baseball ever been played there.
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              Parks I visited

              Shea Stadium
              Yankee Stadium
              Candem Yards


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                GREAT Thread!! Parks I have been to:

                Cleveland: Municipal Stadium (mistake by the lake); Jacobs Field
                Pittsburgh: Forbes Field; Three Rivers Stadium; PNC Park (THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!)
                Toronto: Exhibition Stadium; Skydome

                Minor Leagues:
                Russ Diethrick Park (formerly College Stadium) - Jamestown, New York
                I have also played ball numerous times at the above park as a member of the Jamestown and Area Oldtimers. BTW,Aa3rt, when were you in Jamestown?
                Dreyfuss Field - Columbia, SC
                Dunn Tire Park (formerly Pilot Field) - Buffalo, NY
                Doubleday Field - Cooperstown, NY
                Thurman Munson Stadium - Canton,OH (also played here with the oldtimers)

                Drove past but never saw a game there: Yankee Stadium; Polo Grounds; Crossley Field

                My goal when I retire (17 months and counting down) is to see a game at EVERY major league stadium.
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                  Ebbets Field
                  Yankee Stadium
                  Shea Stadium
                  Fenway Park
                  Olympic Stadium
                  Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
                  Memorial Stadium
                  Oriole Park at Camden Yards
                  Wrigley Field
                  County Stadium
                  Miller Park
                  Municipal Stadium (Kansas City, MO)
                  Candlestick Park
                  Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
                  Prince Georges Stadium (Bowie, MD)
                  Municipal Stadium (Waterbury, CT)


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                    Actually, funny thing, but the best place to see a baseball game in the NY area is EAB stadium in Islip, Long Island, home of the Atlantic League Long Island Ducks. It has all the modern amenities of a new, modern stadium (luxury boxes, all kinds of interesting things to do, great sight lines, etc., etc.) but in a very cozy atmosphere where every seat is right on top of the field. Somehow, they managed to build a 10,000 seat stadium where no seat is more than 10 yards away from the field (except the upper deck luxury boxes, of course).
                    "Simply put, the passion, interest and tradition surrounding baseball in New York is unmatched."

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                      Originally posted by ElHalo
                      ...the best place to see a baseball game in the NY area is EAB stadium in Islip, Long Island, home of the Atlantic League Long Island Ducks.
                      i will check it out this summer, eh. thanx.
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                        anyone else here see any of the yankee home games played at shea?

                        also, has anyone here ever sat up in fenway's monster seats?
                        "you don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. just get people to stop reading them." -ray bradbury


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                          Originally posted by west coast orange and black
                          anyone else here see any of the yankee home games played at shea?
                          During the time Yankee Stadium was being remodeled in the mid-1970s, I was part of the crew on a Coast Guard cutter homeported at Governor's Island, NY. One of the perks we enjoyed was being able to sit in the bleachers, FOR FREE, by showing our active duty military ID at both Yankee and Shea Stadiums. I attended many games when my ship was in port and I didn't have duty including a few Yankee games at Shea in 1975. I will admit that after a couple of years I got rather jaded-I loved the games but that subway ride from southern Manhattan to Flushing was a killer so I attended many more Yankee games in Yankee Stadium and didn't follow the Mets as closely.
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                            Extra Points????!!!!

                            Do I get extra points for most parks visited????
                            In the summer of 1996, I drove around the United States and Canada and saw a game in all 28 parks (Tiger, Comisky, County, Metrodome, Kauffman, Busch, Coors, Astrodome, Ballpark in Arlington, Jack Murphy, Dodger, Anaheim, Candlestick, Oakland Alameda, Kingdome, Wrigley, Riverfront, Jacobs, Fenway, Shea, Yankee, Camden Yards, Three Rivers, Skydome, Olympic, Veterans, Joe Robbie, Fulton County). I have also seen plenty at Exhibition growing up in Toronto, and since my trip have been to some new ones as well (Miller, PNC, Great American, Turner).

                            Favorite was Fenway.

                            Total is: 33.
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                              , ballparks.
                              i am getting to about 11 parks this summer but always have dreamed of a trip such as yours. lucky dog.
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                                In order of appearence:

                                Chavez Ravine
                                Anaheim Stadium (original configuration) I was floored by the BigA scoreboard
                                Anaheim Stadium (reconfiguration) too many football seats h
                                Tiger Stadium - wonderful old park in the mid 1980s :gt
                                Edison Field/Angel Stadium (after the renovation) Great baseball park again
                                Camden Yards - Loved it
                                LA Wrigley (not for a baseball game, just prior before its demolition)
                                Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (only for pro and college football and track, but it was a baseball park)

                                Angel Stadium - Palm Springs now a municipal ball field former ST home of the Angels and former home of the late Palm Springs Angels of the California League.

                                Minor League:
                                Fiscalini Field - San Bernardino Spirit, now Inland Empire 66ers in a new ballpark
                                Epicenter - Rancho Cucamounga Quakes
                                Blair Field - Long Beach

                                Another notes:

                                I have personally umpired games in:
                                Chavez Ravine - HS baseball sectional finals
                                Blair Field - Big League Regionals, HS sectional finals
                                Epicenter - Celebrity Softball game prior to regualr game and an exhibition games
                                Chicago Cubs ST site on Catalina Island - now used by Avalon High's football team and I officiated a Sectional Playoff football game there.

                                Several other sites in So Cal were used by major league (and old PCL) teams from time to time during spring training and today are municipal fields used by local college, high school, and youth teams.

                                Angels Stadium - Palm Springs California - Ballpark for the Palm Springs Angels (California League) and Suns (Western League).



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