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  • Originally posted by CHiller View Post
    ... but the worst place I was ever at was the old Comiskey Park. Yeah, the place had history and was a true relic that you can't duplicate with these new fangled retro parks. Great views of the field, but... the seats were made for midgets (were folks smaller back then, or did they just not care about creature comforts?), and there was this pipe that ran horizontally along the back of the row in front of me that cut into my knees the whole game. The place reeked of urine and stale beer. The bathrooms were incredible. I could live with the trough style urinal, but the toilets were out there in the open- no doors, no stalls! Yeah, they don't build 'em like they used too....
    Comiskey was my first classic ballpark experience back in 1990. I loved it, but you could tell that its time was gone. I was sold a seat for a game that had already beem removed! Being young and flrxible, and not knowing any better, I just sat on the concrete. I do have to are with you on the smels, and appaently Comiskedy Wasn't the worst. I've heard old-time Pittsburgh fans complain about the pigeon poop at Forbes.
    I said my goodbyes to Yankee Stadium last week, and i do agree that its concourses are the narrowest I've been to in a lon time. The two minor league parks I'm most familiar with (PNC Field in Scranton and NYSEG Stadium in Binghamton) have concourses 2-3 times wider.
    The worst park for baseball that I have seen a game at was Pro Player (at that time) Stadium in Miami. My seats were in the RF corner and would have been perfect for football. In fact, the whole stadium is perfect for fotball, but just wrong for baseball.


    • Originally posted by CHiller View Post
      They don't call it Big Shea for nothing. One of the few 4 full deck (5 if you count the press deck) stadiums ever built. Not only is the Upper Deck high, but it is set back far from the field. Don't forget, it was built to be a football stadium too. I always believed that YS had a steeper upper deck than Shea, but I found these diagrams on I'm not sure if they are dimensionally to scale, but I put my old protractor against the slope of the upper decks, and sure enough, Shea is steeper!
      Update! I found what may be more dimensionally correct drawings of YS and Shea. The top photo compares the old YS to the remodeled stadium. The bottom photo compares Citi Field's profile to Shea.

      Shea's upper deck in these new drawings is 34 degrees
      YS upper deck is 37 degrees!

      So these drawings seem to vindicate my gut feeling that YS's upper deck is steeper than Shea's.

      Also, from a subjective standpoint, YS's upper deck is closer to the field, and if you are seated up a few rows, you can't see the field level seats. You feel like you're suspended out over the field, adding to the feeling of vertigo (and also to the feeling that you're right out over the action!).

      Shea's upper deck is set back far from the field, adding to the sense that you are removed from the action.
      Attached Files
      First Game- Twinight DH, Mets vs. Cards at Shea, August 22, 1965


      • From my experiences, a lot depends on where you are sitting in a stadium. Sitting in the lower RF porch is great in YS, but the upper deck in RF is horrible. You can miss anything hit to RF. All around, Shea stinks, but I liked my Loge seat that I had for many years(1st base side infield). I went to the VET and Riverfront: They both were terrible. Candlestick was poor. Dodger Stadium is good. Anaheim now is a great place. I liked old Comiskey because I had great seats. I hated Tiger Stadium because I had bad seats. I never had a bad seat at Royals Stadium. I am not impressed by Fenway or Wrigley (sorry). I was impressed with County Stadium. The less said about Tampa the better.
        People say I am nuts for dissing Fenway, but my seats in RF stunk. If I go to Shea or Yankee many times, I can compare place to place; but going once does not let me be fair . However, I hated the astro turf cookie cutters period.


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