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    Originally posted by PeteU View Post
    Interesting to note, they showed a brief aerial shot with the Olympic Stadium dome superimposed over where M & T Bank Stadium actually sits.
    Actually, they didn't superimpose Olympic Stadium over that site, they digitally created a fictional domed stadium. I believe he says it in the commentary. If you look at that shot, it looks nothing like the exterior or Olympic Stadium.


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      Ok, here are two very poor screen captures of the scenes in question. I just took photos of my tv. The first image is the first arial shot I was talking about. I'm not from Baltimore, so I am not sure where in the city this would be located in comparison to the second screen capture. The second shot is the arial view in the movie right before the bomb goes off. In this shot you can clearly see M & T Bank Stadium just on the other side of the highway ramps from Camden Yards. Kind of a movie goof as far as the movie makers go. If you are creating a fictional dome and even goes as far as to digitally create one for a shot, then fix the fact that in another shot you can clearly see an open air football stadium.
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        Originally posted by Gary Dunaier View Post
        I was amazed when I saw the pictures on the Digital Ballparks website showing that the area behind the outfield wall was just empty floor space...
        Hmm. Too bad all that space wasn't simply included in the outfield. With all the distance, plus the turf, it would have been a real running game in Montreal.


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          Since this thread is revived...Keith Hernandez during a Mets game said the funniest thing I've ever heard about Olympic Stadium..."I feel like I'm sitting inside a toilet"....

          Also an interesting link to an "Olympic Stadium disaster timeline" here -

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