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Hinchliffe Stadium - Paterson NJ

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  • Hinchliffe Stadium - Paterson NJ

    Hinchliffe Stadium one of only 3 Negro League Stadiums in existence. Is in danger of Collapse via neglet.,nj&st=cse

    The national trust for historic preservation ranks it as one of the 11 most endagered historical landmarks in the US

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    Hinchcliffe Stadium

    So during last nights Mets/Brewers game the teams wore Negro League throwback uniforms. The Mets as the New York Cubans played at Hinchcliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ. I just read on that Hinchcliffe is endangered.

    It is over by the Paterson's Great Falls - I may take a ride there this weekend. It is a rough area but easy to get to. That whole area is pretty historic. I have been in many of the Great Falls Historic Distric buildings over the years in my line of work. The Colt 45 gun factory, Rogers Locomotive the whole raceway system. Too bad urban pressures kept it from being really restored. I suspect Hinchliffe suffers the same problems.

    Here are some great links about Hinchcliffe:
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      I think they mentioned sink holes in the outfield. Sounds pretty dangerous and very hard to repair. The cliffs sound like they may be falling away into the falls below possibly.
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        The stadium was placed on the Top 11 Most Endangered Historic Places of 2010 a few weeks ago. I went over there last summer just after that area was name a Historic Park, and the area immediately south of the stadium is pretty nice. The falls are across the street, and there is a bridge crossing the falls. Lots of families were walking around the park outside the stadium. These pictures almost look like that show Life After People:

        Some links:

        Map (The park I'm talking about is Great Falls Park):
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          Wow great pics threeyoda. Was it hard to get inside?


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            By the looks of it I would say it is not hard to get into at all.


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              Originally posted by Mary Ellen View Post
              Wow great pics threeyoda. Was it hard to get inside?
              I didn't actually go inside the stadium, I just explored the outside and the park. But it seemed pretty easy to get inside.


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                Went there last fall for these pics; main "entries" are chained and locked, but you can easily get in through the outfield (through the woods a bit - see threeyoda's first photo), just an old chain link fence there with many large holes for entry. You can park right outside the stadium where everyone parks for the Falls on that side. And the Falls is just a few yards up, have to check it out while you're there. And yeah, not the best area, so keep your wits about you.

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                  just found this!



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                    Thanks for that link. I thought that was the voice of Paul Lukas. I watched video first then read article.


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                      Hinchliffe Stadium, Paterson, NJ home of the New York Black Yankees (thanks to for the pics)

                      Hamtramck Stadium, Hamtramck, MI home of the Detroit Stars and Detroit Wolves

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                        Great 2x enlargement here ->

                        Showcasing the finest photography to illuminate the lesser known stories from classic baseball. Now over 2000 followers!


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                          Originally posted by alpineinc View Post
                          Oh man, I just got... well... let's just say thank you for that pic. Absolutely great!
                          Put it in the books.


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                            I have an interest in motor sport history as well as baseball history, so I have really enjoyed this thread. The circuit does not look very wide!

                            Here is a 1934 baseball report reproduced in "The Negro leagues in New Jersey: a history" by Alfred M. Martin, Alfred T. Martin, McFarland, 2008:

                            "The Black Yankees opened on the home ground at Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey, on June 3rd. Heretofore, Paterson had not been drawing. Mr George Brooks, contractor and builder of the stadium, suggested that it would be a wise idea to have the Black Yankees play there every Saturday. This suggestion was all right so the Black Yankees undertook to play every Saturday. The Black Yankees played eight Saturday games there with the best attractions and they have won eight straight games from the best attractions available. They beat the House of David 4-3, in ten innings; the Cuban Stars 10-3; the Meadowbrooks 12-8; the Farmers 4-3; the Atlantic City Bacharachs 1-0; the Philadelphia Stars 7-3; the House of David 8-6; and Nashville 7-4.

                            Hinchliffe Stadium is one of the most beautiful stadiums in New Jersey. The fans of Paterson are really wild over the great showing the Black Yankees have made."

                            A plaque commemorating Eleanor Egg's victory in the 1931 US 100 yard championship was placed on the northwest wall of the stadium. Is the plaque still there?
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                              The trees look like some kind of virus eating the place up.



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