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    I'm starting this thread for the discussion of scoreboards. I love to study the configuration and makeup of scoreboards, and I wonder if there is anyone else who has this same fascination.

    For example, is there anyone who is interested in such things as the matrix of bulbs in a digit (4x7, 5x7, 4x6, etc.); layout of the out-of-town scores (inning number to left or right, etc.); home game line scores; and other components.

    Or just what scoreboards you find attractive or ugly; informative or lacking; or just with intriguing features. Don't restrict yourselves to the majors, either ... I'd love to hear about the guitar-shaped board in Nashville, for example.

    I'll have my thoughts and some photos, too.

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    I thought I would go to the last page to see what was there and I cannot believe that this thread did not get any hits. I love scoreboards. My favorite as a child is obviously the Texas Shaped scoreboard from old Arlington Stadium. Second and third would have to be the old scoreboard of the Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers.


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      Maybe a hiccup in the system. The same thread appears again on page 8. Twenty-eight pages of replies.
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