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Maher Field - Roanoke VA

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  • Maher Field - Roanoke VA

    Looking for photos of Maher Field (Roanoke, Va.), when it was a farm team to the Red Sox (1943-1954). Any photos showing main grandstand would be appreciated.
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    You're right, it's not easy to find pix of Maher Field, much less its grandstand. I was able to find only two of the park itself.

    Although it's in configuration for football, this is a 1927 aerial shot at the '27 V.M.I.-V.P.I. game.

    1927 Maher Field Football.jpg

    And, as much as I'm pretty sure you've already seen this one, here's a more modern shot of the park's exterior (during baseball season).

    Modern Maher Field Exterior.jpg
    Courtesy of
    Put it in the books.


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      Thank you very much. I have a great aerial shot of the entire playing field AFTER the grandstands were removed. I cannot get it to attach here, but if you email me at: [email protected] - I'll scan a copy to you.

      MAHER FIELD – ROANOKE RED SOX (1943-1953)

      LOCATION: Adjacent to Victory Stadium.

      SEATING CAPACITY: 3,000-3,500

      CENTER FIELD = 400 FT.

      RECORD SEASON HIGH ATTENDANCE: 139,000 (rounded figure – 1949)

      RECORD SEASON LOW ATTENDANCE: 43,000 (rounded figure – 1952)

      Roanoke in those days was one of the best baseball towns in America in the area of fan interest and enthusiasm. There was a little restaurant near the ballpark where a lot of the ballplayers would go after the game. The fans would join them at the restaurant.

      Maher Field was a very good playing field. The main grandstand behind home plate was a rustic covered wooden structure. There were separate sets of uncovered bleachers running down both the first and third base lines. The lights were never quite bright enough – a dilemma that plagued many ballparks of that era. The Roanoke River flowed behind the right field wall, and balls were sometimes hit across the river by the likes of Rosox slugger, Charlie Maxwell. The only drawback was that the clubhouse was about 100 yards behind the center field gate, over near Victory Stadium.

      The team folded operations after the 1952 season. Maher Field was deserted, and left for years to deteriorate until there were those so young they thought of it only as an eyesore with a peeling pale-green cinderblock wall in left and a handful of worn seats around home, unaware that it had been an attractive place to play ball.
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        Bill, I am originally from that area of Virginia but I moved away. If you are not in the area, are there any historical societies around? I know there are a bunch that are south of that location in Patrick and Henry Counties because that area of Virginia really holds on to their history.


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          I live in the Richmond area. Tried just about every source in the Roanoke area, without success!!! I have tons of stuff on old ballparks in Richmond, Norfolk, & Portsmouth, Va.

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            I live in Roanoke, have you tried emailing or calling the Salem Red Sox? I found two game used Salem jerseys from the 80's and their team historian helped identify the players who wore them, maybe he can help you with your research on Maher Field.


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              Thank you very much, I'll try that. The Roanoke Times SHOULD have something in their photo files, but they have been uncooperative.


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                Found something for you. Go to the website of the History Museum of Western Virginia. There are a bunch of old photos on that site of Maher Field.



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                  Maher Field.jpg
                  Here is a photo of a race at Maher Field


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                    Maher Field

                    This is a Thanksgiving Day football game between Virginia Tech and VMI.

                    Maher Field 1.jpg


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                      The Salem Museum Historical Society may also have some photos!!!

                      Here is another one that I found. They had auto racing at Maher Field.

                      Maher 2.jpg


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                        Maher Field

                        This is from Eddie Popowski Day.

                        Maher 3.jpg


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                          Another photo of Eddie Popowski.

                          Maher 4.jpg


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                            Originally posted by Alan11 View Post
                            I live in Roanoke, have you tried emailing or calling the Salem Red Sox? I found two game used Salem jerseys from the 80's and their team historian helped identify the players who wore them, maybe he can help you with your research on Maher Field.
                            Sadly I have found out that most of the people that work at this level are in the late 20's to early 30's and have little information about the history of the team in which they work. I was trying to find out some information on Southside Park in Winston-Salem, NC and called the Dash. They had no clue about that park and where it might have even set. It was kind of sad to be honest!!!


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                              Thank you very much. There were actually TWO Maher Fields. The old one was replaced by Victory Staduium. The NEW one opened for the Roanoke Red Sox in 1943. I have an excellent photo of the complete playing field shortly AFTER the grandstands were removed (mid to late 1950's). How do I get it to ATTACH here?

                              Please advise.


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