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Phoenix Municipal Stadium [I & II] - Phoenix AZ

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  • Phoenix Municipal Stadium [I & II] - Phoenix AZ

    Phoenix Municipal Stadium was built for the 1947 season for the Phoenix Senators of the returning Arizona-Texas League, which was suspended for the duration of WWII, and also for Horace Stoneham's New York Giants, who along with Bill Veeck's Cleveland Indians, moved west that year to form the spring training Cactus League. Various other minor league teams would come and go, but the Giants would stay at Municipal for spring training through 1963 (except for the odd year of 1951, when they switched facilities with the Yankees for one spring), until moving into the new Phoenix Municipal Stadium (II) for one more season, in 1964. The Phoenix Giants would remain as a minor league team there, and spring training returned to Phoenix Muni in 1984 when the Oakland A's moved in, and the ballpark remains the Athletic's spring training home to this day. First photo from the Digital Ballparks site.


    Say Hey signs an autograph in 1955. Check out the vintage camera to the left, surprisingly not in use for this special opportunity!


    Willie in the cage, also 1955


    Whitey Lockman, left, and unknown teammate 1955


    Video from 1955 (second half of video is the Indians in Tucson)

    Screen cap from above video (sorry, won't embed here):

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    The A's will be moving to hohokam where the cubs currently play...the cubs will be moving into their new stadium next year I believe...I believe ASU will then be moving into phoenix muni


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