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    I don't think a flagpole in the field of play is a very good idea. I don't like to see that kind of thing.


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      Originally posted by metfan13 View Post
      Nope. The rubber's not in the center of the mound. The mounds got an 18 ft diameter. 10ft from front of rubber to edge, 8ft from back of rubber to back edge.
      You are correct sir and if I did my math at the time I would have realized that the centerpoint of the diamond is 63' 7.6875". Oops.

      I suppose more (i.e. better) research is needed.


      According to Glory Fades Away, by Jerry Lansch (and Wikipedia) the following explains the pitching rubber to home plate distance:

      A pitcher threw from within a box where the front edge was 45 feet from the back of home plate (as all distances from HP).

      To "increase the batting", the front edge of the pitcher's box was moved back 5 feet in 1881, to 50 feet from home plate.

      In 1887, the box was set at 4 feet wide and 5 1/2 feet deep, with the front edge still 50 feet from the plate. However, the pitcher was compelled to deliver the ball with his back foot at the 55 1/2 foot line of the box.

      In 1893, the box was replaced by the pitcher's plate. Exactly 5 feet was added to the point the pitcher had to toe, again "to increase the batting".
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