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Warm up for a young 3rd baseman

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    Yes you are. But youll get one soon enough
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      From Coach

      [QUOTE=Kripler1]I am a young 3rd baseman and i always do the same worm-up whitch really gets annoying. So, if you could give me some worm-ups. I will try them./QUOTE]

      Hey Kripler,
      There are a lot on things that can be done to break things up. When we conduct our practices we typically don't do the same thing everyday with the exception of the lead up (Sequence drills). There are so many options to the same old thing it would be difficult to list here. If you want send your email address to [email protected] I will send you a pdf listing a bunch.

      PS: I played third....
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        I like your idea so far. I think you should run first, maybe sprint from 3B to center field and back a couple times. Play catch and practice double plays with someone batting and either a pitcher or a coach throwing behind an L-Screen. Then alternate with the hitters and the infielders hit and outfielders play D.
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