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pain in my pitching hand.

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  • pain in my pitching hand.

    Hey all. I'm having a pain in my pitching hand when i pitch. it starts in the hand, and works its way through the arm. It feels like the blood is rushed to my hand and perhaps causing pressure? its not joint pains either. i get this feeling when i spin in a circle quickly with my hands reached out also. is this normal, or has anyone else felt this before while pitching? I'm not an avid player and am just throwing the ball around for fun, but am trying to get my pitch faster also. I started throwing the ball around maybe 2 months ago? The pain can get pretty serious if i continue to pitch also, but i can feel the pain subside if i rest for around 30 seconds inbetween pitches. I'm 22 if that helps. i can feel it start even after just 2 or 3 pitches. I'm of average strength and health. i used to throw the ball around with my friends when i was younger, and i didn't feel this pain then. are there any excercises or diets i could do in order to get the pain to not happen? maybe i have thin blood?

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    I would definately see a physician. It could be anything.
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      I agree, get that checked out.
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        If you experience pain only when doing a specific activity it means you are doing something your body does not like.

        1. Stop doing what causes the pain.
        2. Jake and the Commish are correct. If the pain persists see your general practitioner IMMEDIATELY. It's possible to do longterm or permanent damage.

        Does the pain originate on the little finger side of the hand? Though I am not a doctor, from study I have done there is a likelihood that you have inflamed the Ulnar nerve in the elbow. For some people, the specific genetically determined location of this nerve as it passed through the elbow is problematic when it comes to pitching and throwing. I'm aware that surgeons sometimes elect to change the location of this nerve if a pitcher has Tommy John surgery.


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          its not the bending/angle that my arm is in, but the actual motion/speed of my hand. like i said, when i spin quickly in a circle with my hands out in a free dangling way, i get the same feeling, so i believe its a circulation problem. i guess itd be the centrifugal action? like when you spin a bucket of water in a circle, but the water doesn't spill out because of the spinning force. the pain is first felt in the fingers, then palm and works its way up. it really isn't a pain when i start, but a slight tingling sensation. kinda like the feeling you first get when you realize your hand/leg is asleep, like the blood coarsing through the limb. it starts becoming a pain after maybe 8-10 throws and i can feel the tingling going up my arm.


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            SSJ, I suggest you see your doctor, pronto.


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              ya, i guess ill get a checkup soon. im long overdue for one anyways. im hoping im just not eating enough bananas or i have an insufficient amount of iron. itd suck to be somewhat handicapped at my age when i haven't even really done too many activities in the past 4 or so years.


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