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  • Literature on Baseball Strategy

    I'd like to start off by thanking everybody for their discussions. I love reading the threads and appreciate the knowledge and experience everyone contributes.
    I am hoping some of you could help me pick out some books/videos concerning game/situation strategies. I am coaching 11 & U and 9 & U. I've always stressed fundamentals and it has served me well to this point. But now, the older boys are ready to jump up a few notches.
    Again, thanks for the help everyone has already given.

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    for that age group try the ripken defense dvd not bad for twenty bucks


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      The Baseball Coaching Bible, edited by Jerry Kindall and endorsed by the ABCA, is an excellent book. Not particularly heavy on strategy but it has coaching thoughts from some of the finest coaches in baseball. Many of them were at least as interested in goings-on off the field. If you coach because you are interested in helping young men grow this is top flite.



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        In addition to the book Coach45 mentioned, I also like Baseball Strategies by the ABCA.


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          Thanks guys. I just ordered the Bible and Strategy books. Enjoyed the excerpts from the Baseball Bible.


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            I've found a surprising source for ideas -- some online handouts on strategy by a high school coach in Tennessee by the name of Steve Dixon. He just seems to have thought through everything in a very methodical, common sense way. Might be some good ideas and organizational thoughts there.

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