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Have you ever been warner/tossed?(war stories here)

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  • Have you ever been warner/tossed?(war stories here)

    I didnt make a poll, because i figured the results would be a little "lopsided" but who here has ever snapped on a ump and been warn/tossed? feel free to submit war stories, like mine for example:
    ******WAR STORY******
    Basically bottom of the last inning two strikes, a ball outside i stepped in, still couldnt reach it, so I started walking to first when i heard the call behind me. I turned around to see the ump in a rush to leave, like he had a date (which looking at him, it probabily wasnt the case lol) and i just snapped and got a warning.(my team was like 0-12 so he would of been doing me a favor if he did)(i have another one,but ill spare you the pain)
    *****End War Story******

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    I love the war stories, please, tell more ^_^ hehe

    Last year, this one umpire was old (mid 60s I'd guess) and everytime a fastball was thrown he'd duck his head down. Well, the other team threw about 95% fastballs, and our team would mix it up a little more (like a good pitcher does).
    Needless to say, when we'd throw a curveball and it'd break in the zone for a strike (this 1 batter even started walking back to the dugout) he'd duck before the curveball started breaking, so he'd always call it a ball.

    Well, a pitcher threw a passed ball (with a runner on third) and the catcher ran back to get it and he threw it to the pitcher who was on the plate ready to recieve the ball already thrown. Well he noticed the runner wasn't going to attempt to slide so he moved back so he wouldn't collide with the runner. The is a must slide rule if there is going to be a play, and the runner did not slide. Well our best catcher was on the bench (cuz it was a 2nd game of a doubleheader, we had a diff ump the first game) and he yelled out to the kid on the other team that "You have to slide dumb***" and right after he said that, both the coach and assisstant coach repremanded him and the situation was defused. Well, after that happened, the umpire walked over to our dugout and asked the catcher what he said. The coaches said the situation was over but the umpire tossed the kid anyways.
    Now, when the kid gets tossed, the coach automatically gets tossed. So the coach started talking to the umpire (he did raise his voice some what but never swore or berrated the umpire). All he did was explain that you now have 12 kids on the other team who think that they don't have to slide, and one of these days they are going to get hurt because of that.
    Well the coach finally left, then the assistant coach ripped the umpire a little bit. He explained to him that it clearly stated in the rules and that the umpire was wrong, so he got tossed too.

    Well after that half inning was over, a parent came over and attempted to be an interm head coach for the rest of the game. While we were talking and trying to get ourselves all cooled down, the umpire came over and started talking about the play. We told him we didn't want to hear any of it and that it was over and the umpire said "I understand that, but" and he continued to talk and talk. He said that he coached in a different league which didn't have those rules. Then the interm coach said "This is the __ __ league, in this league, you have to slide!" (and no, he didn't swear, I just blanked out the league :P) and the umpire said "I didn't know that, I don't know the rules of this league."

    Needless to say, all of our jaws dropped and we cried.

    While I do prefer to interact with people in a gentle manner... I'm also not at all opposed to establishing my dominance in a reign of terror.


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      Tossed thrice in my time. All for leveling opposing players in my way. Meh, I play hard


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        haha our ump is 72(not the one who almost tossed me,he was like 15 lol) sometimes he says out but shows safe with his hands,very confusing lol
        oh yea! how could i forget this!(not the same ump as the last ones)
        *******WAR STORY WARNING*************
        Bottom of the last two strikes,two outs there team is up. A berth to the championship,which my cursed team had not been to in 3 years, and has never won in the 20 something years theve been around,is on the line.The pitch comes in, a check swing strike.we win! finnaly.we were all celebrating are win for around 15 seconds, when the ump informed us that he called it a ball. After our coaches argued for a minute or two, they go down to the only other ump who is not at first..or third, but second. He shrugs and then waves it off as a ball. the next pitch was lined into right field, where our practically mentaly challanged right fielder,whos arm rivaled....damon's, throw in the ball,too late of course,as the winning run came in all the way from first to score.another one hit to him,another run, and we had managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The next moment of my life was the most chaoic yet. Screaming,celebration by the other team,a baby crying, three of my team mates crying. The results:we lost,they won and a lifetime suspenison of one of our coaches.ouch.100% true sadly.Can anyone beat that?(ok i didnt get tossed but still)(i was playing first, had a perfect view)The umps have yet to apolgize.
        ****END OF WAR STORY*******
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          I'll try and top it (I guess this is more of a not smart umpireing example instead of people actually getting tossed or warned, but it's still a fun/interesting read, so :P)

          Championship game, play at the plate (runner has to slide, can't run over the catcher, no contact, you know?), although... it wasn't really a play at the plate.

          Runner on 3rd, 1 out, fly ball hit to left field. LF catches it, R3 tags and runs to home. Catcher is blocking the plate, so the runner slides feet first, the catcher SITS ontop of the runners legs so he can't move (his foot was about 5-6 inches from the plate), after that about 4-5 seconds later (no joke) he recieved the ball from the cut off guy and put the tag on the runner. The umpire called the runner out, end of inning. CLEARLY INTERFERENCE ON THE CATCHER. It was very pathetic...

          Same game, runner on third (fast), ball hit to deep SS, runner takes off towards home and dives head first. Catcher puts the tag on his arm and the umpire calls him out. My coach asked "Where did the catcher tag him?" to which the ump replied "Up on his arm." and pointed near his shoulder. My coach then replied "So wouldn't his hand have to have touched home plate before he put the tag on." To which the umpire ignored him and told him to go back to 3rd base. Again, umpire being completely... idiotic
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          While I do prefer to interact with people in a gentle manner... I'm also not at all opposed to establishing my dominance in a reign of terror.


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            Me get tossed or warned near every game.
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              Well, the only time I got tossed was after a game.

              When I was ten, we only had a four team league with one home plate umpire, and since I was the starting pitcher for half our team's games, I saw that same umpire all season long. For some reason, during the last half of the season, he just took it into his head that he didn't like me and started squeezing the plate on me, and I let him know in no uncertain terms that I didn't like it. (Especially since our team sucked and the last thing we needed was a biased ump.)

              In our last game, I came up to the plate in the top of the last inning and a pitch came right at my head, I went down into the dirt. As I started to get up, the ump called it a strike, grinning at me maliciously to let me know that it was a personal thing. After I made the last out (I don't recall how), I started to walk off the field and saw the game ball, which was to be returned to the umpire, who at that point had his back to me. I slammed it on the ground in his direction, and it rolled (and I mean rolled) up and hit him in the foot. He whirled around and saw me looking at him.

              He started to throw me out of the game, and then realized that there wasn't anything he could do then, so he shouted, "You're out of the All-Star game!" (Which, I surely would have been named to and he knew it.) I never heard anything further about it, except that I was not named to the All-Star team. I don't know what he told the league officials, and they never asked for my side of it. Our coach was an extremely gentlemanly guy who would never dispute an ump's call, and he never complained about the treatment the ump was giving me.

              To be sure, my act was childish (hey, I was ten, okay?), but it should never come down to personal issues between a kid and an adult (okay, college aged) official.
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                *8th graders vs 7th graders.I'm an 8th grader,bad call made by teacher ump who was also 7th grade gym teacher.basically cost us the game and a ton of embarrassment.after school 3 other 8th graders and myself put her volkswagon on the sidewalk a little time off school as


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                  Never was tossed, but have done a bit of tossing, maybe a about a half a dozen in two dozen years.


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                    Originally posted by Bluesteve32
                    Never was tossed, but have done a bit of tossing, maybe a about a half a dozen in two dozen years.
                    umps enjoy tossing people? gulp


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                      For beaning a guy, and for drawing a line in the dirt after a BS called strike. That damn pitch was a good 4 inches outside and below the knees damnit !! :grouchy (not bitter about it though)


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                        Originally posted by kckid2599
                        umps enjoy tossing people? gulp
                        I don't think so.. Most try to avoid confrontation..

                        Here's one of my war stories....
                        When I was an eighth grader we made it to the school league's finals. Something pretty special for a very small Catholic school with no uniforms- It was the bottom of the seventh we were up by 1 run. They had runners on second and third, two outs. Our pitcher threw a ball in the dirt. Our catcher stops the ball - the man on third breaks for home. Our catcher waits for the runner out in front of the plate with the ball. The runner runs into our catcher and never makes it to the plate. They fall to the ground and our catcher comes up with the ball. We all celebrate and run to the mound congratulating our pitcher. "SAFE!"
                        "What?" Yells Dad.
                        The runner on second goes home. Our catcher is pinned to the ground by the first runner and can't get up to tag the second runner. The second runner scores - "SAFE!" game over. Dad goes balistic and goes after the ump with a bat in his hand. The base ump tries to intervene, but the call had been made. The home plate ump makes for his car as quick as he can, because now he has all the parents on him. He knew he blew the call... Needless to say it wasn't my dad's proudest momment, but we still get a laugh thinking about him chasing the ump to the parking lot.
                        Unlike my dad - in twenty years of coaching and forty years of being around the game I've never been tossed.
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                        I'm the little guy in the middle standing up. Wow I can't believe that was thirty-eight years ago.
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                          Awww, how cute

                          But man, hehe I would have loved to watch someone's dad run after the ump with a bat! lol

                          When I was 15, we were in the state tournament (had no shot at the championship, we were in the losers bracket) and we were hitting and one of our players struck out (who had a pony tail) and the ump says "Shes out!" and no, we didn't misunderstand him because the other team breaks up laughing. Our head coach didn't hear it though.
                          Well we were having trouble with the ump, everytime a kid would strike out he'd make a huge deal about it, you know "Strrrrikkkeeee ttthhhhhreeeee!!!" while doing a bunch of motions (think about the Naked Gun movie, lol)
                          Towards the 5th inning we tell the coach about what the umpire said, needless to say he was upset but it wasn't like he could go out there and just start ripping him. Our pitcher was pressing a lil hard so my coach asks for time and gathers all the infielders by the mound to calm them down (we were down by like 3). Well the home plate ump comes out right away telling us to break it up and my coach tells him this doesn't concern him and to stay out of it. Well the home ump comes right up to the circle and starts to act all tough.... needless to say our coach went ballistic, lots of obscenities, very funny though. Our whole game got canceled after that...
                          While I do prefer to interact with people in a gentle manner... I'm also not at all opposed to establishing my dominance in a reign of terror.


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                            I'm the little guy in the middle standing up. Wow I can't believe that was thirty-eight years ago.

                            didnt know harry potter played on your team jake.


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                              One for Blue Steve

                              Last year high school game. Home plate umpire looked liked he had been around the game for awhile. On my way to the base to coach I said "Hey Blue, welcome to Marianapolis!" "Glad to be here." He replied.

                              Next inning, "Looks like you been around the game for a while. When you start?" "Right after I got out of the service."

                              Next inning - being an Army veteran I ask on the way out. "Where were you stationed?" "Belgium and France." Was his reply.

                              4th inning. I'm thinking Belgium and France, wow that must have been nice duty.... wait a minute. We don't have bases in France. On the way back out I ask, "When did you start umping?"

                              "1945, I was playing pro ball before the war, got wounded and decided to umpire. Been doing it for sixty years!"

                              He was 79 years olds and did a great job.
                              "He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn."
                              - John Cotton Dana (1856–1929) - Offered to many by L. Olson - Iowa (Teacher)
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