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Determining bat size/weight

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  • Determining bat size/weight

    I'm trying to decide what size/weight baseball bat I should get..I'm around 5ft 4 in./ 130-135 lbs. and 24 years old so I'm rather small for my age. I'm looking to get a bat so I could play recreationally. I played little league when I was younger so I'm trying to get back into playing some baseball.

    Any useful advice would be appreciated.


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    Sounds like you're more of a contact hitter. Try either a 32 or 31 inch. If you go 32, you might want to choke up just a bit. This will make the bat feel a litter lighter, but you'll still have the same barrel mass behind your swing. Just go to a cage and see what you feel comfortable with. You'll know if it's too big or too small.


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      Are you looking for aluminum or wood?

      If wood, D-Bat makes a bat called the D-Lite which are -4 and -5 drop bats - prices aren't bad.

      They've been holding up well for practice, but I've yet to use one in an actual game.


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        It would be an aluminum bat


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          Bat selection

          I just bought a bat for one of my players (9 YO) and here's what I find works for kids (Of which you aren't but it may still be useful)

          Hold the bat straight out parallel to the ground by the bottom of the grip. If you can hold it straight out it's light enuf, if not try a lighter, smaller bat.

          Alum will last longer than wood (be careful using on cold days) and lighter is better than heavier.

          A 32" bat of 26 oz (-6) is easier to swing than a 32" bat of 28oz (-4). The higher weight to length difference the lighter the bat.


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            If you plan on joining an organized league, they may have restrictions on aluminum bats. A -3 BESR rated bat is the only aluminum bat the adult amateur leagues will allow in my area. Something to keep in mind before you drop a bunch of money on a -5 aluminum bat.

            Good luck.
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              There is no one who can tell you what kind of bat to buy. Abide by the rules of your league, or w/e, and try things out. Go to the cages and use different size bats in different speeds. There is no SET way to hit. Its all about you coming through in tight situations. The only one who can determine what bat is best for you, is simply YOU...


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                If you're looking to size the bat I would first do what Pete recommends and find out the league restrictions. Most adult recreational leagues, at least in this area use a BESR rated bat with a -3 drop.

                If it's a -3 then sizing it can be done by taking a bat and holding it straight out parallel to the ground at the knob with your palm pointing down. If you can comfortably hold it without wavering or shaking for fifteen seconds then you have the right size/weight. Anything that drops is too heavy, anything you can hold for more than twenty seconds may be too light.

                It's a good starting point.....
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