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    Originally posted by Gashouse6
    What are the best workouts for pitching that I can do in my room?

    Some of my favorites:

    - Towel drill to help wrist snap.

    - Use of a mirror to check mechanics at certain points on the pitching movement. I use 5 basic steps in the motion. It can be broken down further if there is a problem.

    - Work on transitioning between the 5 steps above.

    - Wrist/Forearm work with one of a million methods. I like taking yesterdays newpaper and wadding them up in each hand. Do daily.

    - Certain movements with surgical tubing to help strengthen the shoulder area.

    - If old enough to work on curveballs practice snapping the ball at a target.

    - Balance drill where you put a baseball on the ground, go into balance point, bend over to pick up ball and return to balance point.

    - Looking at old Playboys I found in the garage.

    The list could go on and on but mostly when my son does work on his own he steps through the 5 pitching stages, does the towel drill, and a few of the others.

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    started a topic Pitching Workouts

    Pitching Workouts

    What are the best workouts for pitching that I can do in my room?

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