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Best youth glove for 11U player

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  • Best youth glove for 11U player

    I know that I have read on here before where others have asked about the best youth catcher mitt but can't seem to find the post now. I know that the All-Star is widely regarded as the best adult glove from reading but can't find the recommendation for best youth glove. Can anyone help me out? Better yet, does anyone have a broken-in catcher's glove that they want to sell?

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    I don't believe there is a consensus on youth MITTS (catchers do not use gloves)... I think the key is a good break in. I'd rather have a kid use a well-broken-in cheapy than a top dollar mitt that isn't broken in, or has been poorly broken in.


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      I thought the Akadema Praying Mantis was a good bang for buck catcher's mitt that broke in pretty fast... but it was the team glove.


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        I have a "prosoft" Akadema, lots of people like them. I'm not crazy about it.


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          I highly recommend the Akadema mitts. The Torino series is kip leather which is lighter weight. I bought my son a well-used Praying Mantis mitt 3 years ago. He loved it so much I bought him a new one the following Christmas during Akadema's annual sale when they put all gloves on sale for 1/2 price. His new glove has stayed in his bag until last week when the HS coach told him he needed to get it out and break it in.
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            Almost as important as break-in is mitt size. If they can’t squeeze it, it’s useless. I have a perfect 34” Yadi that my kid can’t even close. Most young bucks should start with an easily manipulatable 31”. Small hands - small mitt.


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              small mitt - fast mitt. A few of our 13u/14u catchers had trouble sticking the pitch with larger heavier gloves that the team supplied. My boy used a 31" through 13u.

              He still loves his $60 33" Wilson 6-4-3 (dumbest model name for a catchers mitt ever). It was getting a bit worn out this year so I decided to get him a backup glove to start breaking in. I asked what he wanted to get, expecting him to say, "All-Star" or "A2K." He just said, "I love my glove, get another one." Long discontinued, I found a new one on SideLineSwap for $45. I offered $35 and they accepted. My pocketbook is very happy.

              For 11u, just get a mid tier glove as you will probably be replacing it for a full size in a couple of years anyway.


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                My son was looking like he would be doing more catching this year, so I found him a Wilson A2000 PUDGE A2403 32.5 on Ebay for $100. Just needed a cleaning and its well broken in. He is a smaller 12yo and it fits him quite well.


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