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Workout / Exercise Routine for Baseball Players

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  • Workout / Exercise Routine for Baseball Players

    *Target audience would be teenage players 13-18 y.o. 8th graders and high school players.

    What sort of workout routine or exercise program do you use for baseball players? This is one area I haven't really studied up on yet and was curious what this group thinks.

    I've heard of certain lifts not being good (e.g. bench press), but why? And if some are bad, which ones are best? Or do you focus primarily on conditioning and plyometrics?

    Do you follow any specific routine or program? Who are some good ones to follow on social media?

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    During the off season my 13yo kid was doing an olympic weight lifting program 2x a week with other cardio sports like basketball or flag football. In season he was lifting 1x week until late spring as school and other sports took a lot of his time. Now in the summer he has been doing just basic rotational stuff with med balls, some farmer walks and push ups & pull ups. This fall he will do 3x week S&C at a facility that will include lifts, sled work, med balls and straps. The program is catered to baseball but does a good job for overall strength development
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      My sons, 13&16, workout year round, 3x a week, can go down to 2x during the season. Similar to what sparky said, they do a mixture of things, including lifting, medball, general movement pattern work, a lot of short burst explosive type work, etc. They workout together with a trainer, with a program tailored to them. While it's tailored to baseball in terms of rotation work and things lie eccentric exercises for deceleration, there is a lot of general core type work. Also, everything is measured.

      Everyone is different, so they get movement assessments to see what areas they need to work at. My 13yo son is very strong, and his focus is more on movement and flexibility, while my 16yo son needs more an emphasis on stability as he is fairly mobile.

      Eric Cressey posts a lot of good information. Ben Brewster at Tread Athletics is a good follow and his e-book is inexpensive and excellent.


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        Originally posted by Frankjp302 View Post
        everything is measured.
        That's the key there. How do you track progress without it?


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          I'm a huge proponent of Crossfit. Some say baseball players should avoid it due to good amounts of shoulder work, and overuse when combined with baseball. While I don't discount that advice, I think it likely applies only to "pitcher only" types or those who are throwing year round. For someone who is training specifically to be a pitcher, I think there are likely better workouts available, but for an athlete Crossfit is pretty awesome. As they say, everything in moderation I guess.


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