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    Originally posted by songtitle View Post
    Step 1 - learn to coil inward as you go forward

    Step 2 - if you haven't learned Step 1, repeat
    HS hitting coach (via a zoom lesson) just told Jr. to not do this and just stride forward without any hip rotation. He told him that coiling will cause him to open up too much..... argh. He then stated (according to Jr.) that Mike Trout doesn't do this. I then showed Mike Trout videos, showing his belt as he strides... it points back a little bit as he strides.... Told him to just listen to hitting coach respectfully, and continue to hit how he does (except work on his hands a bit).

    edited to add. Dominik, that seems like a pretty good video. I'm interested in what song thinks as well.
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      Originally posted by dominik View Post

      What do you think about this drill, song?
      He's over-complicating it. And he's not really holding the coil in his demos. Look at his 'front hip', it never closes.

      Get in front of a mirror. Coil your hips and shoulders 45 degrees as you go forward, hold it until landing. Then do it again, and you will realize you probably only moved about 5 degrees. Really exaggerate the turn. Forget everything else.

      It's the simplest thing you've ever done. It costs nothing, and you/anyone will be ahead of 99% of hitters.

      People don't like free things. They would rather buy lessons and bats and videos.
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          It's easier to see the coil inward from the catcher view.

          After a 10 second search, I don't see any catcher views, but here's a pitcher view showing how far Miggy coils inward
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            I feel coil is a lot harder than it needs to be.The last frame on the Miguel cabrera gif RD posted is a perfect trainer. Let them naturally find a way to tip the barrel's head towards the pitcher to their liking. It's hard to mess up if they're not forcing and keeping a very low front elbow before even starting the swing. Keep trying and practicing until it's something you don't have to think about.


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              Interesting thread, and a lot of good responses. Personally, the stride is something I always work on in BP. Each hitter needs to find their sweet spot; slightly open, square, slightly closed. From there my suggestion is to stride towards the pitcher's release. As someone else mentioned, it is important to focus on striding with the rear leg. Many young hitters use too much front leg in this process.
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                I am starting to think from a coach's perspective, most kids aren't going to have high level swings. Simply striding without any coil may reduce the kids from 'pulling out', which I find as one of the more destructive things I see young teenage hitters do. We only have limited time with the kids, and I find that it is very difficult to get 'coiling' into their brains. I have told them to use a mirror, but highly doubt if any actually did it. The problem is that for the average kid, they like baseball, but aren't willing to put forth the effort to get to the next level. Coiling is something that provides an additional level of power, but it requires greater attention to detail than just striding, in addition to a lot of reps. My own son reverts to 'pulling out' sometimes, but he also realizes when he does it, and makes adjustments.


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                  Originally posted by mudvnine View Post
                  The various MLB strides are 25% function, 75% personal style...

                  Meaning that as long as a player doesn't stride so "closed" that it limits his full ROM when swinging/turning to fully open the hips s/he's fine...that's the 25% important "function" part...the other 75% is the "style" part, and the final stride direction they feel comfortable with within their swing process.

                  Now to derail the topic I'm sure....but hitters should be "striding" with their rear leg, not their front one. WHUUUTT?!!! =)
                  Nice opinion


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                    One for Song:


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                      Not sure if it was mentioned, but since my son walks around the house shirtless, I had him do the drill in front of a mirror to see if his coil was starting with his abdominal muscles. When he could see it was he was digging it.
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