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  • Help with playing ball?

    I max long toss and similar distances throughout the day (not excessively in a single round though) but my throws don't go as far sometimes. I try tweaking my throwing motion but they still don't go far sometimes yet sometimes they do. I don't have much access to the weight room, only occasionally so I thought this would help me gain ground. Do I need to give my arm a break to see more results? It only feels bad when I'm throwing and after a bit of tossing, when I run to get the ball. I can field 96/97% or so of grounders cleanly, 98% or so flyballs and I could have the range factor given my speed. Are these good enough to play college ball? Also, this may be out of your guys' expertise but why do I run slow on concrete and fast on grass. I ran 3.88 to 1st but on the concrete street it was hard to run, I was nearly going to tip over with my form/style, and honestly, it was not good at all. On grass, however, I destroyed the competition. I tend to run on my heels (not when I'm about to catch a pop.) What could this be? Do you think colleges will interested even though my H.S. coach won't reply to my email (fielding? Help with long toss?

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