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  • Which Ripken?

    Choice between Myrtle Beach or Pigeon forge. For those who have been to both which is the better experience?

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    My son has played in MB a couple times. My nephew has played both and they liked PF better, but that was mostly because of the weather/heat. As a general rule (not always), probably a bit better competition in MB due to location.

    For me it would depend on time of year. I tolerate MB in the fall/winter. You have to drag me kicking and screaming to go in the summer. Too hot, too many people...the list goes on. Although it may still be warm/hot in PF in the summer, it won't be MB hot, although both will be crowded.

    Both are tourist towns and have lots of activities when you're not playing ball. IMO it comes down to whether you want the beach or mountains.
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      We went to Pigeon Forge our 12 year old year and absolutely had a blast. The tournament was very organized and the complex is beautiful, tucked into the mountains. There is a ton of stuff to do when not playing. All of the families rented cabins nearby. The alpine coasters quickly became a favorite of the team. When a family or two would go to the coaster and send a message to the team that they were there, it wasn't long before the whole team was there. I think we went to the alpine coasters 4 different times. The Island, an outdoor shopping center/entertainment complex, was also a favorite. I think we ended up there several times, especially Margaritaville. We left Pigeon Forge wanting to come back for a family vacation.


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        This week, definitely Pigeon Forge. :sun:


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          ^ lol........ thanks for the replies!


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