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    He didn't let me tryout freshman year for the H.S. but I have talked to him and showed the school/team pride and the typical nice behavior I have. I attempted suicide there (yes, I know) partly because of my terrible personal life (like, I never have a gf and its sad and its stupid how it has to spill over/bring me down when my parents are very supportive even though I'm smart, athletic, and "cute," I guess) but I showed support for the school and team in spite of all this. Why won't he respond? Any ideas? I can field 96% of grounders and 98% of flys with a week arm but I always hit the highest cage speed and I told him that. Any ideas? Wouldn't I be an assset? I explained the #'s to him. I was cordial yet formal in the email, and JC's are interested in me but I have go back here. What should I do, like email another coach in town (I'm a senior)? Its been 4-5 months if that matters since the email. Yes, I did say I'm 5'7 or 5'8 but I thought the speed would be crucial for the team. Did I squeeze too much info in the email? Did the other kids from the freshman non-H.S. league who play JV now tell him I used to fat, unmotivated, and bad? I was really bad but I had the talent secretly like I was hitting 86.5 (140 kph) at 14 before I got fat. I just gave up on fielding grounders and throwing strength but now I'm skinny again so I haven't. What should my next move be? What's up with him? This is the only thing that can make me happy besides a gf so help please?

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    If you’re a senior and the coach is ignoring you, I’d look at other options for playing outside of your school team. I think it’s safe to say that many coaches would avoid recruiting a player with known serious mental health issues. Ultimately you can only control yourself, not the coach, so get mentally and physically healthy, work on fundamentals, lift weights, take lessons, etc.


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      Many MLB teams have a type of sports psychologist on staff. The Detroit Tigers call their position Mental Skills Instructor. I would search for a local sports psychologist that you bond with for some sound advice on how to approach your situation and your future. There are many alternatives to HS baseball and girlfriends that provide happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I wasn't anywhere near being an all-state baseball player and now, 81 times a year, I get to hang out with MLB players. It is so enjoyable, they don't even have to pay me, but I still let them.
      "Whata crowd, whata crowd! I tell ya, I'm all right now but last week I was in rough shape..."


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