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    Anyone have any experience or info on Game Day USA and their events? My son got invited to play in their all american games in either Florida or Arizona. I can’t find a ton of info on them other than that it may be due to the NTIS event.

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    My son did one when he was 11 back in 2015. They pick an MVP from each game, both teams, and then form an allstar team afterwards to a tournament at a later date. My son was an MVP. But, we had a conflict with the tournament date. One of his teammates did follow up on the next round. After that follow up tournament, they tried to get him to play in another tournament that was far away and cost bucks. The kid dropped out at that point. I think the dad git scared by the sounds of the cash register ringing.

    That said, it was an OK tournament. No issues or anything.
    Coaching experience: Managed 5 Little League teams and coached on 4 others. So, what do I know?


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      It looks like the allure of these All American games is the pssoibility of being chosen to play on the GameDay USA team that goes to Disney World and plays in the New Years event. This is similar to Baseball Youth and what they do, which is what my son had heard about and asked to play for. Seems like they both follow the same model.


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        Yes exactly what Franny stated. My son had an opportunity to play for GD USA last year for the new year's tourney but his team was already going.


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