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Better bats: older bats or newer bats?

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  • Better bats: older bats or newer bats?

    For pre-high school (not BBCOR), which bats provide the most pop? The older bats that weren’t regulated as much for exit velocity or the newer bats that use newer technology/materials? (E.g., the new Axe bats vs the old Combats...?)

    Trying to find good bats for my 9u, 11u and 13u kids. Been awhile since I’ve been in the market for bats.

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    If you are okay with spending some $$$, the 2017 Demarini CF Zen is one of the hottest bats in recent years. This would probably be for your 13 year old. You will want to find a drop 5. The drop 8 were deemed illegal unless they were retooled.


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      The BESR standard (and earlier/ older) bats are hotter than USSSA BFP standard, and even more so than the USA standard which pretty much makes the bats hit like BBCOR/wood. You will have to comply with the standard specified by the league you are playing in.

      The DeMarini CF8 and Zen, as well as the slightly older Easton XL1 are the hottest bats of recent vintage.
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        Orange XL1 ... the -8 and the -5 ... hottest bats I’ve ever seen ...


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          9-11U - Easton Omen LNC1XL Drop 12

          12U - Easton XL1 YB11X1 (2 1/4) Drop 10 or Easton BNC10XL (2 5/8) Drop 10

          13U - Easton Omen BNC11XL (2 5/8) Drop 8 or SL15X15 (2 5/8) Drop 5


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            Safe to assume for BBCor metal that newer is better? And by that, new in the wrapper more than newer year? I've always experienced that metal bats degraded over time other than a handful of doublewalls that were engineered to get more flex once the walls separated. Nobody has noticed like a 2013 S1 suddenly getting red hot or anything, right?


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