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Coaching App for tracking player workouts and assigned weekly reps?

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  • Coaching App for tracking player workouts and assigned weekly reps?

    Coaches –

    Does anyone have a recommended App that you use to track your players’ preseason assigned training & reps?

    I’m looking for an App that enables me as a coach to:
    • Send individual or team-wide instruction on a daily or weekly basis, with details on what their ‘homework’ is for weight-reps, cardio, tee-work, throwing, etc… essentially anything whether its to jump-rope 50 x 3 sets, 50 swings off a tee per night, yoga, etc. So, customizable for whatever that week’s instruction is focusing on, in a sense that I can just type-in the assigned reps and the App 'sends' the assignments to the players selected.
    • Allow the players to respond, maybe a check-box or any sort of yes/no communication when they have completed their tasks. (Yes nothing prevents them from lying…but if you say you did something then you better have done it….)
    • Track / show to the coaches who has and hasn’t performed their reps
    • Allow for the players to send text questions if maybe a rep isn’t understood (not a showstopper since obviously standard texting would work here just fine.)
    • Free to download/use by the players. I’m OK if the App requires the coach’s version to have some form of cost….. but I’m not going to ask my boys to all purchase an App.

    As part of our preparations for our upcoming 15u season (elite Midwest team), the boys and coaches each have assigned various goals for themselves and team, and we (coaches) are wanting to help enforce the means of working towards those goals with player accountability to do their part outside of our limited organized-practice times (starts in November, only 4 hrs/wk)…. Using an App to organize and track the players' progress ought to help make that responsibility very ‘visual’.

    I don’t care if the coaches have to purchase the App & its extended functions, but I want it to be free for the boys to use when reporting to me their daily/weekly training status…. Those that I have trialed thus far (eg like an exercise-App) don't quite hit what we are looking for....and things like TeamSnap isnt oriented for this type of usage.

    Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions....

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    Driveline's itraq


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      We use TeamReach, though our kids are still at the 12u level, we've geared the app toward the parents. The app has a calendar feature where you can add details (such as workout routine) and an "attendees" option where you can track attendance. Again, it would be honor system whether they actually do what you ask of them.

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      App is free.


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        Yeah TeamReach is more or less the same as TeamSnap which I use with our parents.... But that's geared towards creating & tracking attendance at calendar events such as games, practices, etc. and doesn't provide the features or options that I'm hoping to find/have for the training regimen.

        Driveline's TRAQ is a bit overkill (and overpriced) for our needs, given that it integrates their system and their 'coaching' into the App...

        Maybe one doesn't exist, but I'm still on the prowl for something like a $4.99 or $9.99 coaching App that has extensions which are free for the players....


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