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legion (junior) schedule - how many game/practices?

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  • legion (junior) schedule - how many game/practices?

    Looking for advice here about how best to structure a legion junior season. Scheduling meeting is soon, and this will be my first season at this level. (I'm an asst coach and do a lot of the logistics stuff).

    I'm hearing that they want us to schedule 40 games in about 8 weeks, with basically no practices during the season. Just one or two practices before the season starts. The dates are constrained by the end of HS baseball and the legion end-of-season tournaments. Game will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (DH). We can schedule up to three weekend tournaments, and also can play DH on week nights if we want to. Away games will be up to 1hr 15min drive away, so pregame time will be limited, especially on the weeknights.

    To me, that seems like too many games, and the practice:games ratio is um, a little crazy.

    I get that these kids will (mostly) be coming off HS jv seasons, which around here have baseball activities (games or practices nearly every day). But once the season starts how do you get enough reps to stay sharp when all you do is play games?

    Thoughts on this? If we schedule 40 games, we might rain out 5. 10 if it's a really bad year. So we play 30-35. Still that's a lot of games to play without a practice.

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    Legion ball is very mediocre in our area. My son didn’t play Junior Legion. He played Senior Legion one year after senior year so he could spend time on physical training for college ball. They played a 21 game schedule and two 5 games max/three min tournaments. They only played about thirty games before regions and stares. Other than the tournaments they played three games per week for seven weeks before the playoffs.

    They practiced once per week. Since a strong group of seven high school seniors decided to play together one last time they were dominant against mediocre competition during the season (20-1) and didn’t need much practice. They were all headed for college nball at some level. The game they lost was an 11am Sunday game during Senior Week at the shore. When they arrived at the game I asked if they got any sleep. My son laughed.


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