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The Hand Load: When should it happen, is it an absolute, how should it be done?

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  • The Hand Load: When should it happen, is it an absolute, how should it be done?

    Talking about the movement of the hands back prior to beginning the forward swing.
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    I think ideally it happens after the hips load so they still go slightly back as the hips start to open.

    See papi here

    However some also load earlier and less dynamic like trout​​​​​​

    I would however try to at least wait until the body starts to move forward to get some separation, don't load back and then stride forward.
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      I think during the transition from lead foot toe touch to heel plant is the easier feel to teach the timing of the hand load.


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        I think arm and hand loading are two separate things. IMO, arms should go back and up as somebody is striding (and coiling at the same time, hopefully). However, the hand load is somewhat different. Hands (not the arms) should cause the bat to tip right before firing like a "whip". The tip should be more vertical than horizontal, but this should allow someone to get more hand "whip" when they swing. Again, these are just my opinion, but I found that when I focused on the simple aspect of tipping the bat with the hands immediately before going forward that my kid got significantly more hard hit line drives than before.


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