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12U USSSA DH Rule?

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  • 12U USSSA DH Rule?

    Just in case anybody knows off the top of their head, could we DH for third base? My kid sprained his hand playing basketball and can't grip a bat, but seems okay to field and we only have 10 this weekend. Could they DH him instead of having him bat last and look for a walk?

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    If I remember correctly, DH is only allowed in the scholastic division (high school division).


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      You should have open substitution, so it doesn't matter. Just bat the 9 and list him as a sub, then sub him in every defensive inning.


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        USSSA does not have free substitution generally, but they may on a local basis. I would look into that, but generally the DH doesn't come in until 15u and up where they go by High School Federation Rules.


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          Originally posted by jbolt_2000 View Post
          You should have open substitution, so it doesn't matter. Just bat the 9 and list him as a sub, then sub him in every defensive inning.
          USSSA doesn't have free substitution unless you are batting the full roster/continuous line up. You can bat 10 and the 10th batter is an EH (extra hitter), the EH has free defensive substituion

          Here are the line up rules from the USSSA rule book.

          7.02.D Approved Team Line-ups:

          7.02.D.1 Teams may bat a nine (9) player line-up, ten (10) player line-up using an Extra Hitter (EH) or continuous lineup of all present, eligible, uniformed players. Such line-up must be declared before the start of the game and used the entire game.

          7.02.D.1(a) If a team uses a line-up that contains substitute players, all starting players may be removed and re-enter the game once, but must re-enter in their original position in the batting order. Non-starters are not allowed to re-enter. When a starter re-enters, the player in the starter’s batting position in the batting order must be removed from the game and is ineligible for the remainder of the game.

          7.02.D.1(b) If a team uses a line-up that contains ten (10) players, the player in the Extra Hitter position has free defensive substitution.

          7.02.D.1(c) If a team uses a continuous line-up, all players other than the nine (9) defensive position players are Extra Hitters and may move freely in defensive positions with the exception of the pitching position. Any player(s) arriving after the game has begun, shall be added to the bottom of the batting line-up. When using the continuous lineup and a player has to leave the game for any reason, that position in the line-up becomes an out when that at bat comes around.

          7.02.E In Scholastic divisions, if the Extra Hitter (EH) is not be utilized, then the Designated Hitter (DH) may be utilized in accordance with the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) rules.

          7.02.F Teams may play an official game with an eight (8) player line-up. If a team plays with an eight (8) player line-up, an out shall be declared for the ninth (9th) position in the batting line-up each turn at bat. A ninth (9th) player and all subsequent players may be added to the bottom of the batting line-up as soon as they become available.

          7.02.G A team may continue a game with a minimum of eight (8) eligible players.


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            Thanks. Looking like it might not matter. I was under the impression he was able to field because it was a sprained knuckle the doc said should be fine in a week if kept immobilized plus curling his fingers was what initially was killing him, but last night he couldn't put his mitt on without it being a "9" pain level. So it'll probably be runner for the catcher and pitcher all weekend if he plays at all.


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