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Can you help me choose a first base mitt?

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  • Can you help me choose a first base mitt?

    Hi everyone, my name's Guilherme, I'm brazilian and 25 years old.
    Well, I started to play softball and baseball about a year ago with an amateur team in my city. Baseball it's not a thing here, basically there's baseball in cities with a japanese community. Anyway, I bought an outfield glove, a Mizuno Global Elite 12.75'' with modified trapeze web, which it's great, I love to play with it, but I really want to play as a first baseman, because I'm a left-handed and I want to play on the infield.
    Well, sometimes I play at first with my glove but I think it's time to spend some money and have a proper mitt. I'm looking for some HoH mitt, because I know they are very durable and they'll last long, but I don't know which size and web I should pick, I don't have a Dick's Sportings Goods on my corner to go there and try some models. So, if there's some first basemans out there who can give me some advice I'll be very thankfull.

    Ah, I'm looking to have a nice deal on black friday, so if you know a few stores who give good discounts let me know too.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Rawlings DCT pattern is thee pattern for softball. There are many different versions of mitts using this pattern. I would suggest avoiding the Dual Core line as it can get floppy fast unless the price is absolutely right. My favorite part about this pattern is how it got named at Rawlings. DCT stands for Double Ca Thud which is what they claim the sound of the ball hitting the mitt made. I don't play first, but I'd love to have a DCT especially the USA version that has Double Ca Thud stamped on the pocket.
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      Hey Wally, thanks for the advice!

      I'm saw some gloves with DCT pattern and they look grea. I play softball and baseball so it could be a good choice to use at both sports. Thanks for the advice with the Dual Core Line, I saw a model with a nice price but It's better spend some more and get a durable mitt.
      There's something bothering me, it's the lacing on the red area in the picture below. it looks like a fragile strutcture, but I guess it could be my imagination.
      Is there a lot of difference between 12.5'' and 13'' sizes? And what it's better in your opinion, a single bar web or a pro H web?

      Thanks again!


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        Nothing fragile there. This is a pattern I've never heard anything bad about. 12.5 vs 13 is tough because some Rawlings patterns are notoriously short by .25 so depending on the pattern, you could actually be discussing 12.25 vs 13 in theory. For webs I love an H web, but for your dual use, you might prefer the single bar for baseball. It will still be big enough for softball and if you go 13" H web, a baseball might feel lost in it.
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          Thanks again Wally!

          Well, I made my research and so far I have 3 options:

          NUMBER ONE:

          Rawlings 13'' GG Elite Series First Base Mitt:

          Great Price: It's $99.99 and I can usa a coupon for extra 20% off.
          Size and model: It's the size you suggested, it's not a PRODCT beacuse it's not a HoH glove, but they look very similar.

          Leather: It's not the same quality as a HoH glove.
          Color: I would prefer a darker color because I think this camel color will stain really fast.

          NUMBER TWO:

          Rawlings 12.5'' Heart of The Hide Dual Core First Base Mitt:

          Awesome Price: $150 for a HoH glove makes me happy.
          Color: Really like it.

          Size: It's not a 13''.
          Dual Core: Like you said, I'm trying to avoid dual core gloves.

          NUMBER THREE:

          Rawlings 13'' Heart of The Hide Color Sync First Base Mitt:

          Size and Model: It's a Match.
          Color: Nice black glove.

          Price: It's the most expensive of them.
          Color: In the same time I like this glove color, I'm not a fan of the gold details, but I think I can live with that.

          So, what do you think?

          Thanks again bro!


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            Make an offer on #3 the HOH. Rawlings dry black HOH is some of their best leather. I dislike the gold binding as well, but with use it will fade to a grey and resemble their split grey welting. Try 150-175 for an offer as it is Black Friday week.
            "Whata crowd, whata crowd! I tell ya, I'm all right now but last week I was in rough shape..."


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              Yep, option three is the least likely to become a floppy mess though any good relacer can cut you some new plastic inserts to make it more rigid but with an HOH you shouldn’t need to. Best to spend the extra.

              Other option is to buy from a reputable seller on Instagram. Clubhouse_gloves has always been awesome to deal with and you can get some great deals on new and pre owned gloves and mitts. Well worth checking out. Tell him Jeff sent ya
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                Thanks for the advice guys,

                I think I'll buy this one:

                I really like this model, nice black and camel glove, HoH, 13" and PRODCT, all the things I wanted. I'm just afraid to stain the palm with dirt and oil, but it meant to be dirty on the field, so whatever.

                They have a 25% off right now which means I can buy a cleat too. I'll wait friday to make a decision but I really apreciate all the advice you gave to me. Thanks a lot!
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                  DCT... know what it stands for? Double-Ca-Thud

                  True story.


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                    Does a Double Ca-Thud sound like "Ca-thud, ca-thud" ???


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