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Why do players put their left hand behind back during anthem?

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  • Why do players put their left hand behind back during anthem?

    Ok, dumb question... I did a google search and couldn't find anything.

    Do you notice that athletes put their left hand behind their back during the national anthem? I remember doing this when I played, but don't remember why.

    Is there a reason for it? Is it just to keep all team members looking the same?

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    Not sure there's a real reason for it, other then the guys on the right look more respectful to the anthem than the guys on the left....
    Not saying the guys on the left are being "disrespectful" at all, far from it...just that the hands in the front hanging on (or tucked in) the belt or waistband looks lazy or just waiting for it to be over. But at least they're all standing with hand/hat over heart, and that's all that really matters. Where they place their other hand after doing the prior is of little least IMO.
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      As a veteran I've always viewed it as a version of the military parade rest since they are not in the military they don't need to stand at attention; so parade rest is the next best thing.
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        This is the best place to learn fundamentals. Great job guys. Interesting stuff.
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          I agree that it looks more respectful and I copied someone who I saw doing it. I also felt awkward and wanted to swing my arms or move in some manner so behind the back worked best for me.


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