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Frustrations in finding a pitching coach

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  • Frustrations in finding a pitching coach

    I have been on the search for the past couple of weeks for a new pitching coach for my son. My son had been working with a guy the past few months. Great guy, former MLB all star, but scheduling a lesson with him was a long drawn out process. Sometimes it took 2 weeks of communication to finally get a date on the books. After a few times of going through this I decided that we couldn't keep doing this. So I have been trying to find a new coach and having the same exact issues. There is a local pitching coach who has become nationally renowned and is almost like the right hand man of one of today's well known pitching exports. He is well known in our area. It has been three weeks in trying to book an appointment with him. I send an email and then 10 days later I get a response to text. I text right after I get the email and 5 days later he responds asking which days and times would work. I immediately respond and it is now 5 days later and I still haven't heard back. So I am throwing in the towel on that guy. I was referred to another guy who has had success with pitchers in our area, wither it be sending them to the college or pros. I sent the email a few days ago to the email listed on his page and so far it has been radio silence. Just venting as the process is becoming frustrating.

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    Man, that sounds like you have done just about all you can do. I really don't have any advice for you other than to go meet these people in person. If you are willing to drive your son to wherever they give lessons, maybe it is best to drive there to watch a lesson and let them put a face to a name for both you and your son.
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      Good news on this front. The guy I had given up hope on texted me back today. We got a lesson set up. I am hoping by getting in front of him it becomes a little more personal and he will be more prone to responding on a timely manner. If things go well, I am going to try to put something on the books before we leave.


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