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Pitching analysis - 9yr old

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  • Pitching analysis - 9yr old

    Hello - I recently posted a video of my 9 YO son's swing and received some nice feedback and things to work on from you all. I was hoping you could do the same with his pitching... any and all feedback is welcome! Thanks in advance.

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      “any and all feedback is welcome!”
      Your son does some things very well from our particular approach.

      He tries to stay tall but still has his ball side leg recover up and over like he was recovering with back bend. The intuitive recovery position of approaches that use tall posture is by leaving the ball side leg down so it can be punched thru and add in full body rotation.

      He limits his rotational effort by finishing with his pelvis and shoulders 90% lateral to the field driveline (imaginary ground line between home and second)squared up giving him only 45 degrees of useable rotation while driving the ball and now in a lesser defensive position .

      Ask him to recover by rotation off the glove side leg powerfully pulling back against the glove side leg and glove arm by recovering 175 degrees, leaving you in a “drop step position” perfect for defensive first reactions with both feet on the ground at contact.

      He pulls his Elbow down and across his abdomin indicating forearm supination while driving the ball, very dangerous!. Have him pop his Elbow up and voluntarily forearm pronate all his pitch types”

      His arm recovery will now end up still inline with his shoulders and the hand end up out in front by his back ball side hip because he now body rotates 175 degree.

      Start with these and have him stay with the set position, nothing is gained with a pre wind up or leg lift.

      Good luck, any questions, go for it.

      Primum non nocere


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        Dirtberry - I appreciate you taking the time to write all that... thank you. There is a lot here for me to digest.

        I see what you are saying about him only using 45 degrees of rotation and stopping short. How can I get him to rotate more? Is there something he is doing that is causing him to stop short or should I simply tell him to rotate more? Maybe a drill?

        What you said next concerns me... "
        He pulls his Elbow down and across his abdomin indicating forearm supination while driving the ball, very dangerous!". He is a strike thrower so is used a lot... need to fix this right away. Is there a drill or something simple you recommend?

        Thanks again


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          Is his plant leg knee pointing toward 3B? If so, it would seem like this could promote future MCL pull/tear or psoas/hip issues.

          Get a camera with a 15+x optical zoom, man
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            Got a chance to watch and agree with Song.

            Why is his leg planting towards third base and his body is rotating off of that leg? That's not good in the long term and if he starts throwing harder and using his body more, he'll injure his knee.

            I much prefer he sweeps his leg out to learn how to drive towards the plate and when he plants, it's not on the side of the knee but bracing correctly as he throws forward and not from the side. Hope it makes sense. His hips should rotate around, but his knees shouldn't be doing that, it should be flexed and little movement.


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              Thanks Modal - makes sense. We have been working on his foot planting toward 3rd and is now much straighter toward home plate. He is pitching tomorrow so I'll get some new video.

              What are your thoughts on pitch count per week/year at this age. As I said he is a strike thrower so his coaches want him to pitch every game... I don't allow it. I let his coaches know he is not to pitch more than 2 games a week with proper rest in between, no more that 90 pitches a week and 1000 for the season. I count every pitch myself. Am I too conservative?


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                We did 3 innings max, and less if they were struggling, or their typical FB pitch speed dropped 3-4 mph. We had one kid (maybe 12U?) that played summer travel beyond rec, and pitched too much, and blew his shoulder growth plates and he never pitched again. It worked out for him, he was drafted as a hitter.

                Disclaimer: my kid tore his UCL in college
       - hitting and pitching fact checker


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