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  • Cannonball
    One major difference I see between the video of last fall and today's video is that your son seems to be coiling to excess. Take a look at his shoulders. He is showing too much of his back to the pitcher in my opinion. In doing so, by overcooking it, he has to lift off of that back leg to try to get the bat going. If I were his hitting coach, I would use a cue like bring the chin to the deltoid but with the idea of not rotating the shoulders too much. Also, I'd use a cue to get the front hip in the way to get it out of the way but do so by controlling the middle and not to the point that you go beyond a good stretch with the top side. I don't have much time to look now but this is a sense of what I see. We'll see what others see. As you know, I like his swing and better yet, his work ethic!

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  • coachrjb
    started a topic Need Some Advice (Videos Included)

    Need Some Advice (Videos Included)


    And all others, I can't think of everyone's username to tag.

    I haven't posted for help in a while because the topic always seems to get off track because of his age, but I need some advice again from you all. For some reason this Spring my son is shortening his swing (Leg Kick, Load, Stride). I get it if we are facing faster velocity or a two strike approach, but this has been his game swing regardless of the count this season. He still has enough torque to get it through the IF, most of the time and some might say if he is hitting leave it alone. I have left it alone so far, haven't brought it up but the way the ball comes off his bat is different now then what it used to be because of this I believe.

    Yes, Velocity has gotten faster that we face, but this is every swing (fast or slow pitching). We don't always face faster pitchers.

    I know there are other mechanical issues in his swing; however, I want to ask about what I refer to as "coming out of his swing during stride". What I mean is his back leg seems to work more vertical than forward.

    He still hits, doesn't barrel like he's did in KP during the Fall and KP last Spring. Maybe what he is doing is not an issue. If coiling as he strides forward is the answer than we will keep working on it. If what I'm bring up is not seen as an issue then I'll move on. The first video and last video show the difference between now and fall,,,,and nothing has changed with his instruction/coaching.There was never a reason to hitting like he was hitting then. Maybe the simple answer is his timing is off and he needs to start a little early to give himself they time to go through his load sequence.

    Game Swing #1

    Game Swing #2

    Side View From a Recent Practice Live Hitting

    Cage BP Work Tuesday (Stays in his legs better)

    This Past Fall (Stayed loaded in his legs and hits a HR 215FT)
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