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GoPro 7 Black worth the upgrade?

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  • GoPro 7 Black worth the upgrade?

    I've been pretty happy with my GoPro 5 Black. They finally fixed the overheating problem and it's been hit by a couple foul balls without damage. I record everything in 1080/60 because anything higher tends to bring back the overheating problem on warm days (plus it's a lot of data over a weekend to store). I was reading the biggest improvement of the GP7 is image stabilization, which means zip for recording games. Is there anything else that would sell it to me? Like is the 1080 image substantially better, could I go to higher resolution without overheating, does the wifi connection have a better range (I do find it ridiculous how often I have to walk over to the 5 to pause between innings), etc. Note: I literally do nothing with the GoPro but record games so I wouldn't be against going with some other foul ball proof/fence friendly camera if the picture was better.

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    All I can tell you is that when we shoot games that we don't want to miss anything, we shoot with the 5. And we own the 6 and 7 as well. The 6 is junk. The 7 shoots good video but locks up. This forces you to pull the battery which usually corrupts the last file. I keep hoping GoPro will fix with a firmware update. But nothing yet.
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      Good to know, much appreciated. I guess I'll see what the 8 looks like.


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