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Online store for ordering travel team gear.

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  • Online store for ordering travel team gear.

    I have a friend who runs a successful travel ball organization. He mentioned having parents and players wanting to buy apparel with his logo, but he really didn't have the time to do it. He just gets his uniforms for players and that's it. I told him that most academies probably make a considerable profit from the swag that parents and kids order. I offered to help him investigate. Do any of you have any experience with online stores where they will basically handle all your sales and both of you make a profit? Does this even exist?

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    I can't speak on the profit part, but if he just wants to sell the team swag to parents, I've had good experience with You basically give them your logo, pick out the shirts, sweatshirt, shorts, etc... you want the logo on, then they open the online store for a couple of weeks for parents to order. They order online and its shipped out a couple weeks after the store closes. The team doesn't make money on this. But you do get cool Nike, Under Armour, etc... for cheaper than if you bought a plain item at the store. We had some really nice Nike hoodies that cost $65 in the store, but only cost about $50 with our logo on it.

    If he's looking to make a profit, he probably has to buy the items outright then sell at above cost. Would be a bit or money out of pocket to start, but you'd make it back after items are sold.


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      There are 3rd party swag providers all over the place. The name of the type of business you're looking for is "POD" or "Print on Demand". They work in the background so when customers order on your store, the order gets re-directed to the POD company and they will ship it directly to your customer with your branding.


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        We've used (which is the fundraising arm of to print logo wear for our organization the last 5 years. There is a minimum order for the items to see print, but if it's just tees, it's usually pretty small, like a dozen or so. The organizer sets the price for the item, so you set the markup/profit margin basically. We've run campaigns about 4 times now and have made over $3,000 all told, but we're an organization of about 140 players. Typically we sell single color screen printed shirts on their website for $20, we make about $10 per shirt depending on quantity sold. We've also done windbreaker type jackets that we sold for $35, margins are smaller on these because the costs are higher and we wanted to keep costs down for the families on the jackets. Quality of the items have been excellent and they have held up for many years. We've gone with budget friendly tees, like the A4 brand rather than UA or Nike, though all are offered. Again, trying to increase the fundraising. A4 drifit styles also offered sizing in Mens, Womens, and Youth which was appealing. Items can be centrally shipped to the organizer for free or the buyer can pay a small fee, like $5, to have it shipped direct to them. Supporters also have the option of making additional cash donations to the Organization through the website (a $20 cash donation will net you $19.44).

        Items typically arrive about 3 weeks after close of the campaign and the check comes promptly as well.



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