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Interesting Article about Overuse in Basketball

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  • Interesting Article about Overuse in Basketball

    Seems very relevant to baseball also. Good to know that it’s not just baseball. Seems to imply that it’s actually worse for basketball.

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    Thx, looks like a good read!


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      Had 3 kids that played HS basketball. Quite a few kids had MCL (knee) issues, especially the girls. Plus broken and sprained wrists. Lots of jammed fingers. And believe it or not, you have to worry about kids getting 'bit'.

      And basketball parents are just as insane as baseball parents, maybe moreso since there's no fence. - hitting and pitching fact checker


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        yeah, basketball is super duper crazy. Not saying baseball can't be, but the basketball is kind of crazy.


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          I raised my kids in a basketball crazy region. Like other sports preteen parents often don’t understand what it takes to play even high school ball. To attempt to help a group of preteen parents gain perspective I explained unless their kid grows to be 6’4”+ or can dribble better than everyone with lightning quick speed they’re going to be competing to play one position, 2 guard. My point was just enjoy it now. Most of the hundred kids at each level were going to grow up to be 5’9” to 6’. Parents couldn’t see the big gun in the preteen years wasn’t going to be able to get a shot off from his chest in a few years. Or he wasn’t going to be quick enough to get open. Like most other sports preteens can be coached up before puberty. Then athleticism takes over.


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