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Details of new pitching rules for MLB in 2020?

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  • Details of new pitching rules for MLB in 2020?

    Has MLB announced the details/text of the new roster-by-position rule (segregating players into 3 groups: pitchers, non-pitchers and two ways) and the new sooner-of-3-batters-or-end-of-inning rule?

    The position rule allows teams to declare players to be two way if they have pitched a minimum number of innings and batted a minimum number of times in games they have started at other than pitcher, but the time period for accomplishing those feats has not been announced. Under the rule, a non-pitcher may not go in to pitch in a lopsided game (>6 runs difference), and obviously it is unlikely a non-pitcher would pitch in a close game. Interestingly, if the time period is the prior season, Ohtani is not eligible for that designation because he hasn't pitched since 2018.

    Also missing is clarity on whether a non-pitcher must come out of a game that has become lopsided after his pitching stint started.

    I also didn't see details about how the 3 batter rule works. Does it affect all pitchers? Just relievers? Just mid-inning relievers? Here's where this comes from: Vandy cleverly uses yesterday's pitcher as a place holder for the DH spot so it doesn't fall victim to a surprise pitching strategy by the opponent. You could see that being used next year now that all MLB games will have DH's and where bullpen games and openers with bulk pitching is becoming the norm, and see the defense getting stuck for three hitters with an announced opener against a variable opposing lineup.

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    Do you have any links to this stuff... all MLB games are DH next year? I must be missing something.


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      I believe the new rule will ban position players from pitching in close (less than six run difference) games unless it is extra innings. If a position player enters a lopsided game, he is not required to leave if the game tightens up. Seems like a pointless rule to me -- are position players pitching in closer games than that? But I like watching position players pitch anyway.

      EDIT -- I read a little more about it... the restriction on position players pitching is really just to keep teams from declaring their bullpen arms as "position players" in order to get around the new number-of-pitchers-on-the-roster limit.
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        So basically no one out lefties anymore? I wonder if this will reduce the demand for lefty pitchers as statistically 2 out of 3 hitters in mlb hit right handed so if you face 3 guys you will have a platoon disadvantage more often than not. Also a big incentive to never have back to back lefty batters in the line-up
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