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    For those of you that have players HS age, you have probably seen/heard of NCSA. We have decided not to go with such a service (or any other paid service). That said, I'm wondering if there are any known free websites where you can post your players information/video. I was thinking, maybe it's similar to rental real estate, where there are websites where you have to pay, and other websites where you can post for free.
    Never played baseball, just a dad of someone that loves to play. So take any advice I post with a grain of salt.

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    We played in the New Balance Future Stars Series and NCSA was sponsor/vendor for it. We signed up for a free service. They hounded me for the first two days of the tournament about get a consult with them but refused it. So we have the free service. The free profile is not too bad. You can post videos and you can see how many views the profile is getting. Got a notification that a D1 in Ohio started to follow my son and the next day got an email from a D1 in Ohio asking for my son’s fall schedule. Thought that was cool. Haven’t posted any videos yet. Just keeping the basic stuff updated.


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      Youtube.....Place your video on Youtube, have your son send emails to the RC/HC at schools you are interested in and include the link. Include info in the email and video.


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        Find out if your son's school or team uses Field Level. As a High School coach and summer coach its a great resource for the players to connect and share information with schools.


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          Flatground on Twitter is Free. @flatgroundapp for pitchers and @flatgroundbats for position players.

          Some info:


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