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Can Argument Be Made That Hitting Instruction Is No Better/ Worse Than Ever?

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    Mike Trout, golfing, with tilt


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      Tried to find some Cal with a tilt. Hard to find. Maybe one or two with some tilt. Some with his eyes showing a good launch angle.
      Major Figure


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        Technology, for analysis, communication and information has gotten much better for hitting...

        but pitching has gotten the same...


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          Originally posted by skipper5 View Post
          Ripken golfing, mid-thigh, no tilt
          I agree that is a big difference. They used to teach level bat and level shoulders but now they tilt the bat and shoulders down to get there. I start to teach that pretty early too albeit for preteen kids I still teach level shoulders, level bat ( and give them mostly pitches above the hips) because I feel that allows them to control the bathead and turn better and tilt and vertical barrel angle can be taught pretty quickly to a guy who has mastered a level swing.
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            Hitting instruction today is no better or worse. Technology runs the gammut in use from being a crutch for poor instruction, to being helpful when showing a player where they can make gains. The data makes it easy to keep track of improvements/adjustments, but it isn't an end all/be all. Other technology is designed to improve competition within a player. Lots of the technology at the pro level provides a data grab for the front office to be able to see the changes/abilities of players in their organization, as opposed to just trusting the eyeballs of the former pros coaching in their system.

            As for all the strikeouts...outside of better pitching and the shift, it's the more K's. I would suggest that the increase in K's are on the MLB GM's and what they look for. If you want guys with lower K rates, then draft them, but if you're going to be all hyped up looking for "the body" and turning size into a hitter then MLB will continue to get what they got. It's boring. Give me a team with balance and can win games in many different ways. Right now the Cubs have a huge payroll and 7 guys with 20+ HR on their roster this year. They are failing at situational hitting and have one of the worst, if not the worst, team contact rates in MLB.


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