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Off season coaches, playball again!

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  • Off season coaches, playball again!

    Once fall ball ended our ballpark has allowed us to form a weekly coaches pick up softball game. Its been coaches assistant coaches, and a few very involved parents who have helped coaching. Since most of us are competitive natured and many played a lot of ball growing up the games have been fun. Besides the excitment of getting back in the game I think its been a beneficial reminder of how difficult this game is. Additionally its allowed me to try a few new to me training concepts, like a overweight underweight bat speed program, powerchute, rope trainer as well as dynamic stretch warm ups, day after flush run. I feel it gives me a better idea on concepts and benefits I've been teaching but never experienced myself.

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    Good for you. That is the best way to learn.
    Granny said Sonny stick to your guns if you believe in something no matter what. Because it's better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you're not.

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