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Questions re: Team USA 13U Development Camp

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  • Questions re: Team USA 13U Development Camp

    Hi all, new here. Couldn't find the answer so I figured I'd ask.

    1) Is the Team USA Development Camp worth the $150? What will my son get out of it that he can't in other one-day camps?

    2) Does the Development Camp in December include the NTIS tryouts in Spring 2020?


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    The coaching 101 section is a better place to ask this question. My personal opinion is anything that’s only $150 is worth the experience unless it has a bad reputation.

    There are very few kids (maybe a handful in the entire country) you can project as pro and D1 prospects at 13u. Puberty (14u/15u) is an incredible field leveler. The big thing about elite camps is having something to show relative to all the talent in a large region. While my son ended up being a 6’2” major conference player he was 5’2” in 13u and 5’4” in 14u. I saw anything elite as a waste of money. The skills were there. But the size, physical development and power wasn’t yet.

    A humorous situation was a 13u event he played. It wasn’t hard to tell how talented the 5’2” kid was. But he was 5’2”. The coach of a USA Today Top 25 private high school program approached me (6’1”). His first question was, “How tall is his mother?”


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      The development camp won't include the NTIS tryouts. You will have to register for the NTIS tryouts next year once they announce the dates and locations.


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