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  • Nokona American Kip!

    about the nokona american kip series, are the stiff and durable ? Or like the walnuts and other series are they soft and floppy? I read somewhere that they came in partially assembled from China, and I also read that the “blonde” color was “horween” leather... if it’s horween, even though it doesn’t look traditional, does that mean it’s a stiff glove? They look great is why I’m asking but I can’t find hardly ANY info on them. Thanks

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    Nokona Bloodline in my experience is the only glove they make that holds up anymore. I was in the factory a couple months back and all the gloves were 100% made there ,start to finish. Between my three sons and myself we have had gloves from most of their lines and over the last few years the quality has dropped. Still a pretty decent glove they just don't hold up like they used to. It is disappointing but we have sent back time and again gloves that broke down. Customer service is still great and they have repaired them but the backups had more field time than the gamer.


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