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  • Anyone else heartbroken?

    Based on how the sports world played out last night, I knew it was coming. Then how everything snow balled today, it was only a matter of at what time today the high school season was going to get canceled. It was the 5th inning of my son’s game this afternoon and I got a text from a friend whose wife is a teacher. The superintendents just got out of a meeting and school was shut down for another week after spring break. No sooner then I got done reading the text, I saw a golf cart pull up to the backstop, call the umpires over, and the game was called. All the parents knew it was pretty much the end of the season. Coach pretty much told the boys that the season was over and when they got back to school they all cleaned out their lockers.

    There was so much anticipation for this season. The team was up to #26 in the national rankings. The team was expected to contend for the state title. There are 2, possibly 3 draft picks on the team. My freshman son had cracked the line up about 5 games ago and has been hitting really good and throwing a good chunk of innings on the mound. My heart really aches for those seniors who had been talking about this season for a few years now.

    I know we are not the only ones in this boat and the board gets it. Just letting off a little steam. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

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    After making the NCAA tournament (D3) last year, my daughter's team was excited about their spring break trip to Florida next week. Unfortunately the trip was cancelled. Then in less than a day, the conference postponed all games for the next 3 weeks. Then a few hours later, the NCAA cancelled the entire season. She is out due to surgery anyway, but she is still traveling with the team and was very much looking forward to the trip. Her and her teammates are definitely heart broken at this point.
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      I'm at a college spring trip venue, with games originally scheduled through next week. All have been cancelled after this Saturday. Teams started cancelling their travel here on Monday. I, at least, got 13 games in this year--assuming Friday and Saturday don't also get cancelled.

      I have 40 games on my schedule just through the end of April. There goes 27 of them.


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        It sucks all the way around. It sucks for high school and college seniors losing what should be their big year and last memories. It sucks if a team had high hopes. Even going outside sports it sucks for any high school and college seniors. Spring of senior year is special. And it’s taken away. There may not even be proms and graduation ceremonies.

        Has there been overreaction to a situation? Could the games be played in empty facilities or maybe with just immediate family members in attendance? Who knows? It seems healthy non seniors are low risk for problems. But they could still infect others. The spread has to be stopped.

        My son lost his senior year of high school soccer to injury. He lost his fifth year senior season of college baseball to injury. He found out in a doctor’s office the first week of February. So I can understand how seniors feel.


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          My heart goes out to everyone who is losing out on something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although my daughter is not an athlete, she is a senior and I doubt graduation or prom will occur. My son is a freshman, and although kids are still in school here and Spring sports tryouts don't wrap until next week (NY), I expect the season to be cancelled. But, he's a Freshman, and was just going to play on the Freshman team so its really not a big deal in his case.

          So sorry for seniors, especially college athletes. There is a movement to redshirt all of them, but imagine the impact to incoming Freshmen next year, roster sizes, etc. if that happens.


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            As of yesterday evening, my son's Soph college season is suspended indefinitely. Classes are changing to online through April 6, and be re-evaluated at that time. There are more questions than answers at this point. My son said this is really going to suck if I lose a year of eligibility over this. There is another poster here who's son is a teammate. I'm sure he has the same questions.

            Was listening to an AD at a local college on the drive to work this morning. He and other AD's had conference call scheduled with the NCAA this morning, but he admitted that he has no clue how this will ultimately shake out. One point he brought up that he wanted clarification on was how the eligibility would be handled, which will effect scholarship money. NLI's have already been signed. If seniors are allowed to come back, where does the money come from, how does that effect roster limits, etc.. There are no real answers at this point, but the NCAA has it's work cut out for it for sure. Another point he made, while there can't be any university sanctioned activities (practices, conditioning, etc.), kids CAN still do that on their own. However, if it's not university sanctioned and what they do is at a school's facilities, school's insurance will not cover an injury if it occurs. So many unknowns, no answers at this point.

            It's my personal opinion that this thing is overblown. If people will just use common sense (which is now uncommon unfortunately), the normal relatively healthy person will be just fine. People like my father, late 60's with autoimmune disease, yes, stay your butt at home, don't risk it.

            We'll get through it, we just don't know yet what the damage will be. The phone has hardly been ringing at work, in what should be beginning our busy time. Scary times, but we'll all get through it, we always do.
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              I agree that there could be options short of full cancellation that could work (i.e. have games with just broadcasts). Also, I find it weird that baseball games are cancelled, but my kids' schools are still in session, which really is the biggest avenue for flu transmission. I work at a University, and we are prepping for going online, which I think may be reasonable. They are not interested in closing campus, though. An interesting subject was brought up in one of our meetings. Sending the students home to their parents would probably do more harm then good.

              As far as the lost season. Many of us or our kids have lost seasons due to injuries. it really sucks at the time, but at the same time, a few years later, we often look back at it and find it is not the end of the world.


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                the issue is the more people are in crowds, the more likely it is that the virus will reach people like your father through potential carriers like yourself or your son. and the healthcare system will not be able to support too many intensive cases at once. limiting interactions with each other *IS* the common sense that is needed.

                i don't understand the outright canceling of whole seasons or cancelling the CWS though. it seems postponing and keeping hope alive would help things out.


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                  Just read this morning that despite the CWS being canceled, TCU is planning on resuming practice in April and going to figure out how to play some weekly games unless they are told not to. Not sure who they would be playing. I really hope that they are able to do this and it starts to trickle down to other schools and maybe the NCAA will reconsider the complete cancellation of the season.


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                    I am sorry for your loss. Watching my kid play baseball brings me great joy. Your kids have worked hard for this season, and I am sad it won't play out as they had planned.

                    I am actually very grateful for the responsible decisions that the sports world is making. They are setting an example that this is to be approached calmly but seriously. With exponential growth, early decisions do matter a great deal. I appreciate how we are trying to learn from previous pandemics, and do better this time. Yes, we might swing too far in the direction - canceling things that didn't really need to be canceled, but it is hard to tell that now. We'll "control what we can control", do the best we can now, and try to make even better decisions in the future.

                    I work at a university where some students have had contact with those tested positive for conroavirus. 8 of my students are in self - isolation, alone in a dorm room for 14 days, waiting to see if they spike a fever. They are all being brave and professional in this situation. I appreciate that the university switched to online classes. If they didn't, we would spend the entire remainder of the semester moving students in and out of self isolation - far from home. The same would happen to college athletes. They would go to an event where a coach, a vendor, a bus driver, another athlete, would end up getting a fever, and they would have to self isolate - alone, in a dorm room, for 14 days.

                    Time to get back to work. I am working on my first set of video lectures for my students.

                    So, anyone want to start a thread on facetime baseball lessons? Drills to do for restless students at home?


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                      yes. feel very bad for the Srs, especially. My son's team is Sr heavy with only a few with any prospect of playing JUCO or small college ball. most of these guys are playing their last meaningful baseball and it' "suspended" for now. the district is going to look into reopening the schools on March 27th but, until then, all school activities (including practices and games) are cancelled. While I feel bad for all of the players, I really feel bad for the kid who played JV last year as a Jr. busted his butt in the offseason, made varsity his Sr. year and was starting to get meaningful innings. My son has years to go. he'll be ok.


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                        This issue people overlook about cancellations is while most people won’t catch the virus or have terrible effects if they do everyone is a potential carrier. Step one is stop the spread.

                        I haven’t changed a thing about my daily routine yet. But I expect to. I’m semi retired. I only have have contact with existing clients. I’m not looking for new ones. After I finish my phone calls in the morning I spend a couple of hours in a coffee shop reading news and BSing with regulars. I’ve heard one national chain is considering limiting sales to drive through. If I’m forced to stay home I’ll go nuts. I also bike 5-10 miles per day with one 25-30 mile ride per week once it’s warmer.

                        I believe people are being excessively optimistic to think school baseball seasons could resume. The optimistic prediction of the virus peaking is May meaning the season could resume maybe in July. Many immunologists predict the fall for peak. The expert at the CDC says he expects this to get worse before it gets better.

                        The real question is, will football start on time.
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                          The thing I don't get is that the flattening the curve stuff they keep trotting out still shows the same area under the curve. This means the same number of people get sick, just not all at once. I understand that means the Healthcare System can better deal with it. I understand this thinking, but I want to see the analysis that takes into account that prolonging the virus' run kills the economy and many more people will be out of work and without healthcare. People won't like it and they will trot out the old, if it saves just one life line, but I think this analysis must be done. Just as everyone drives around not knowing if another car is gonna run a red light or something, and yet we still drive. I like my bandaids ripped off, not slowly taken off pulling all the hair out as they go.

                          Would like to see baseabllmom's analysis on the impact to the greater economy and society of all the gatherings of more than 1,000 people being cancelled. That might work for colleges and universities and might help, but it comes at a cost. Maybe one that should be paid. The fact that the local high schools had to cancel tennis and golf and all the small sports that never have a hundred people in attendance and that are held outdoors is in my estimation a crazy overreaction. If it lasts only until April 6th as they say, then maybe it will be worth it, but I am hoping that the blanket bans of things are just to allow time to roll out cancellations that are more well thought out.

                          Maybe we could just hold the Championships on Playstation over the internet. That is the way the kids are moving anyway.

                          So to answer the first poster's question, "Yeah, I am bummed."


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                            Heartbroken here as well. The school districts here in western Washington closed until April 24th (6 weeks), at which point there would be only 2 weeks of baseball season left even IF they were able to start playing immediately. I understand why it's important to stop the spread of the virus and I agree that the public health concern is more important than sports, but it was hard to watch my son and his HS teammates having what was probably their last practice of the year last night, after the months of work he put in in the weightroom and the batting cage over the winter. At least he's a freshman, I feel awful for the seniors.


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                              NCAA announced they are giving another year of eligibility back to all spring sports participants. Winter sports are still under discussion.


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