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  • Thoughts on This Article Just Published?

    Parents/Coach/School dispute. Thoughts?
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    Private school's private problems made public...nothing new.

    We lost players every season to a couple "catholic" high schools in our area who did (what I consider) some shady things to get them there. I have no sympathy for parents/players who choose to "pay to play" anyway by going to a private HS instead of their local public HS.

    Can't speak for all, but at least a couple of the private high schools in our area recruit players in similar fashion that colleges do, offering them partial "scholarships", and their better private sports complexes as incentive to leave their local district schools (and friends) to get rostered on their more prestigious HS team.

    Notice I didn't say, " play on their more prestigious HS team", as on a couple occasions we got players who returned to our public school when suddenly they weren't the "big fish" at the other school, as they would have been had they stayed home, and played for us.

    Regardless of story, some of the same old idioms seem to ring in this case, "As you make your bed, so must you lie on it". I just don't feel sorry for those parents/players whose beds they'd made on their own elsewhere, didn't turn out to be more comfortable as they thought they'd be...compared to the ones already made for them at home.
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      I want my 2 minutes back


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        We have a travel program run by HS coaches that my kid participates in. It starts at 7th grade. However, it is not required, and they make that very clear. Personally, it is helpful, as they are more knowledgeable (and cheaper) than most of the academy programs around.


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          Not a fan of this, but not upset over it as Mud mentions, it is Private School and as far as I'm am concerned they can do what they want. The picture did strike me as weird as the coach was holding the trophy. Whenever my team won something, I got the trophy out of my hands and into theirs as quickly as possible. They earned it, not me.


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            Ironically, one local newspaper has an article on spring sports teams for that community and one story title is something like, "Transfer out, transfers in." They lost a pitcher who went back to her local school but gained a pitcher who lives 31 miles away. Interesting isn't it. As a coach, I knew the programs that were legit and those that weren't. I believe the vast majority were legit and the players attended feeder schools of that faith. Not his last one and this school has gained a poor reputation.
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              Originally posted by Coach T13 View Post
              I want my 2 minutes back
              Dang, you are a fast reader.


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                Here in SoCal, CIF had a rule called “the association rule” where HS coaches were not allowed to be associated with private firms, recruit or practice more than a 50 min class during Fall and winter, this eliminated all the shenanigans from people with lesser ethics. It was a transparency promoter.

                They eliminated this rule 8 years ago and all accountability has broken down here!

                The worse offenders being the private school where it costs a fortune to participate.Transferring is a joke now by giving HS scholarships building super teams.

                One school, Orange Lutheran now has their head coach heavily involved with PBR as an executive hire. They have even now organized an 8*th grade tryout to be held at Mater Dei HS during Easter.

                See Steve Trombly for more info at Twitter.

                This lack of ethics is now pervasive and upper HS administrations go right along with it!

                Something has to be done or lower income families will just keep sinking into the background with opportunities.

                Accountability is now an arcane concept! Hoping Mud stays on this, it's important!
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                  Originally posted by Coach T13 View Post
                  I want my 2 minutes back
                  After you submit your invoice for the 30 minutes it took you to write this...zing! lol
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