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  • First BBCOR - Alloy / Composite


    My son is starting 13U soon and I need to purchase a BBCOR bat for him. Before this purchase we have tried various bats however, he has always done the best with CAT7, and CAT8's. I am looking at the CAT8 BBCOR however, I see a ton of kids using composite BBCOR's. Is there any benefit to this or should we just stick with what has always worked (CAT8 BBCOR)? Any insight would be great. My son is average height but very muscular/strong lower half.

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    My son has similar build...

    Tried the composite bats without much luck.
    Ended up with the Cat7 black and he likes the feel.

    My son says he can feel the “lag” of the barrel on the 2 piece composite bats which he finds uncomfortable.

    Alloy are more reliable in my experience.
    The pop of a good composite is hard to beat though.

    Not much help, I know.....swing a lot of different bats and pick the one that “feels” the best would be my advise.


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      If he likes the cat8, I'd go with that. Main thing is that it feels good to him, he can swing it well. Imho, composite is a good choice if you need a more balanced bat, want less sting more buttery feel, trying to get a larger barrel, or play in very hot weather (heat makes the Composite more lively). My 2 cents. For the most part, one isn't better than the other, jisr depends what you are looking for.
      Never played baseball, just a dad of someone that loves to play. So take any advice I post with a grain of salt.


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        As my kid got older, I went all alloy, simply because they are cheaper. The only benefit of the two piece composite bats IMO is that they have less sting. After my kid turned 11, he not longer feared it, and I like the feedback sting gets.


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          Go to bat review sites like just bats review and see how they rate. If you have Dicks with hit trax near you take your kid and have him try it there and check his EVs and feel on those bats.


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            My son always used alloys growing up and he never had any issues with them.

            For my son's first year of BBCOR, I bought a balanced alloy, used great condition. He was small and weighed 85 lbs. and probably would have benefited from an ultra balanced composite BBCOR at that time. Now when he goes up in bat size, I buy 2 used great shape, older, highly rated bats... a composite and an alloy. He usually chooses the composites over the alloys as he likes the feel of them, has better control, and seems to hit them further. I try to spend less than $100 on a bat, even the composites, usually on eBay.

            For an example, my son had a 31/28 LS Solo (usually highly rated alloy) and a 31/28 Easton Ghost (highly rated comp.). They have a similar swing weight. With the Ghost, he would hit about 25-40 ft. further than the Solo.

            From our experience, an ultra balanced composite BBCOR for a smaller, lighter weight kid can definitely help. My son is 16 now and is 5'8" and weighs 124 lbs and still benefits from the light swing weight and maybe flex? of a 2 piece composite. If your son is average height/weight and strong, he could probably use either equally well. But you could always buy one of each, maybe used, for him to try.


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