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  • swinging before toe touch

    how do I break this damn habit? It's driving me nuts and leading to other issues. I think if I could fix that and learn to hold that bat back until heel down, some of my other issues (bat drag, casting) might take care of themselves. My muscle memory is stubborn at my age (late forties). My brain seems to be a computer program that can't be overwritten. I think this issue has been my biggest hindrance since joining a men's league a couple years ago. This must be somewhat common, there has got to be a proven method to fix it. I am not looking for an "easy" fix, I'm willing to put the reps and work in, but don't want to start doing drills that won't help the issue, so looking for some advice from some that may have encountered it and seen a proven method of correcting the issue.

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    There's an easy fix. Copy George Brett. Have the bat on your shoulder, and launch from there. Don't lift it. Not even an inch. Just before launch, make sure the bat isn't laying flat.
    I'm not a swing guru. Just a longtime coach. I've used bat-on-shoulder with a number of players through the years.


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      thank you. I have tried similar with no success. bat pinned to side of shoulder, bat laying against neck. but the bat always drifts away as I am striding. even a no stride heel up and back down in place, I still let that bat go too soon.I thought repetition would be the only thing that could overcome it. for weeks, I will randomly throughout the day pick up a bat and do a simple no stride, foot up and down, turn the hips and let the bat follow. done this hundreds of times. but as soon as I get back to the tee or soft toss, right back to the old habits. stubborn old body does want it wants to do, not what I want it to do!


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        Your body begins the 'swing forward' (back elbow drop, etc.) when the hips open. As you stride forward, your hips are opening before toe touch. So, the problem is with your torso movements. See Post #1 here for the magic elixir Secret youth hitting drill - guaranteed MLB draft - hitting and pitching fact checker


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