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How can I improve my swing?

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  • How can I improve my swing?

    I recently got back into baseball to practice by myself and kill some time. I sorta gave up on this a while ago but I'm only looking to play for fun. Here are my updated swings (6 of them). I've noticed that I'm a bit quicker to the ball although it's hard to tell since I haven't seen live pitching in a while. At least I'm hitting the sweet spot more often. I sorta struggle to properly drop my front foot in the right spot so I can do a perfect stride.

    What do you suggest for me to work on specifically in regards to my swing?

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    Kind of hard to practice your swing w/o being able to face a pitched ball, other than your doing w/ self-toss, or if you were able to get a tee to hit off of (I like self-toss more than off a tee, unless you wanted to change things up a bit).

    As far as suggestions with your self-toss and getting your foot down better (latter ones didn't look too bad), is to vary the location of where you're tossing the ball. In most of them, you seem to be tossing the ball too far forward, and you're having to "go get it" with your stride, and subsequently your hands/arm..causing you to be hitting the ball a little too far out front, and over extending a bit.

    But all-in-all not to bad for having just getting back into the game after a long layoff. Good luck, and keep on swinging!
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