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    Hi all - just discovered this forum and looking for some wisdom. My 5.5yo son is a pretty big kid. 4'4" 65lbs (credit to my wife's side of the family). Just wrapped our first season of t-ball and he is going to do a summer league of coach's pitch as a warm up for spring ball. 2 questions are bat selection and swing advice.

    In t-ball he basically just "muscled" the ball - a kind of straight arm upper-cut. He figured it was more fun to hit it over the head of the infielders than straight. He's always preferred me throwing to him v. the tee, and swing looks better when I throw but still missing wrist action. What is best way to teach this? He is good about rotating his body but still tends to "arm swing" - for lack of a technical term. While he has a terrible pitcher in his dad, he seems to be really good at connecting when the ball is inside, but not as good through the zone.

    Also want to upgrade from his t-ball bat which was an alloy 25/13 with 2 1/4 barrel. Given his height seems like a 27in would be more appropriate but want something that will help him lock in fundamentals v. what some size chart says.

    Thanks for any guidance.

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