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How to throw hard and accurate

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  • How to throw hard and accurate

    Hi all. I've got a situation my 11 y/o son. I'm talking about throwing as a position player, not a pitcher.

    He can really throw hard but he doesn't trust it because he will often be wild if throws it hard. So he dials the speed back to about 70% I'd say. There was a couple of weeks this spring where he had seemed to fix himself and he could go as hard as he wanted but he's lost the feel of it now. When he misses wild it almost always high. A few feet over the height of the target.

    He would really shine if he could go even 90% but I just don't know how to help him.


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    Have him lower his target...aim at the belt buckle and think of throwing a belt high fastball. This will give him room for error both high and low.


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      “How to throw hard and accurate”

      Thats the million dollar question!....but seriously have him to work on his release point. Try something simple and tell him to aim for the feet of the person he’s throwing to. Also make sure he’s releasing the ball out in front of him. Make sure he’s got his feet in the correct position, He should be stepping his front foot to the target. Some kids have terrible and lazy footwork and if you don’t have great footwork you’ll never be able to play baseball at the higher levels. Video him throwing and see it in slo mo to see if you can pickup anything that just doesn’t look right. Also make sure he’s still not throwing a palm ball, you’d be surprised at how many older kids do this....these are just some starting points!


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        Most kids do not raise their front arm when throwing. (Watch the other kids in games)

        Bring both elbows (not arm, hands, etc) up together to shoulder height and twist around as you throw. Practice this in the yard every day.

        "make sure he’s still not throwing a palm ball," I second this. They should be throwing with a four seam fastball grip -two fingers only on top, with thumb directly oppo the bird finger.
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          If a younger player loses accuracy when throwing harder it’s likely mechanics. Check his footwork and arm angle. Is he stepping to the proper place? Is he dropping his elbow?


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            I would also add to still encourage throwing hard. He doesn’t have to throw at 100% but he doesn’t want to drop to 50% just so he’s accurate either. It’s a process so He needs to be patient and know accuracy won’t improve overnight. He needs to be throwing at home and not just at practice. My son is the other way around, extremely accurate but not the strongest arm. This past spring one of his main goals has been to get a stronger arm to get him ready for the big field and he throws in the bag yard every chance he gets. He’s made some gains, minimal but again he understands it’s a process.


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