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  • Committed!

    So happy to share with you all

    We are blessed to announce my son has been offered and accepted a scholarship to continue his academic and baseball career at his dream school…
    the ASU Sun Devils!! He is a High School Senior this year and will be doing an early signing in November! We are so happy he will be close to home, so myself, wife and daughter can be there to watch and support him through this next part of his baseball journey!

    I am PROUD of him, his determination and perseverance to set a long term goal and achieve it!

    Thank you to ALL the members through the years for your support, assistance and guidance!
    Thank you for allowing me to share my Proud Dad moment!!! FORKS UP!!!!!

    Coach T13

    Picture of his announcement, one of him at a Sun Devil workout, and the last picture is my little guy when he was 10…. Seems just a moment ago

    Dante_ASU.jpg Screenshot_20211008-165547_Messages.jpg 1382557756.jpg

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    That is awesome!!!! Congrats Coach! Proud dad day indeed! Congrats to your son also. Lots of hard work paying off.

    I know what you mean also about being happy he will be close to home. We were also very happy when our son committed to a school that was in drivable distance. It will be an awesome time to be there in person to see him on that next level stage, but also for him to have his parents there along that journey.
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      Congratulations to you and your son!


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        Very cool! Congratulations


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          That is so cool! Congratulations!
          RIP Joe Lindley (Jake Patterson) Oct. 25, 2019, Scott Sarginson (SSarge) Nov. 17, 2016, Donny Buster (Swingbuster) June 1st 2007. Greatly missed by so many!


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            Thank you everyone!!!


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              Coach, what would you consider key pieces of advice about your journey that you could share with membership here?
              RIP Joe Lindley (Jake Patterson) Oct. 25, 2019, Scott Sarginson (SSarge) Nov. 17, 2016, Donny Buster (Swingbuster) June 1st 2007. Greatly missed by so many!


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                Congrats T13. I am very happy for you, your son, and the family. I look forward to reading about the next stage of his journey. it is really great to see all the hard work paying off


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                  Congratulations! You can throw away the TUMS now. What would be cool for everyone who hasn’t been through this journey and helpful for those following in the journey would be a journal on what happens when he arrives. It could be tagged for being at the top of the threads. When he arrives it would be interested to share observations of his experiences … the day to day stuff, balancing academics and social life, the experience of being an athlete and now seen by regular students, how hard the challenge really is, how he handles the pressure of the competition for positions, how other players handle the pressure of the competition for positions. A lot of people who have never been here and done this don’t understand committing and signing is just an opportunity to prove the player belongs. Half will fail even though every recruit is a stud to some degree. It would be interesting to see your son’s and your observations from the time he steps on campus.


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                    Congratulations to your son Coach! I hope he enjoys his classes and being on a college team. Glad he is close enough to drive home and do laundry


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                      Thank you Everyone!!
                      Jet... that's a great idea, maybe I will resurrect one of my older posts and add from there. Even update through COVID break. So proud of how he handled that, his GPA went up, got very organized and time management. COVID kind of pissed him off and he hit the home gym hard Made it a positive impact for him

                      Cannonball best things to share with the members!
                      1. Have fun on the Journey, it goes quick
                      2. Don't take the recruiting process personal, its a business for them... it can be brutal. Thick skin is needed for sure
                      3. You don't have to chase every Showcase and camp. Target ones your son wants to attend school at, ours was close to home (6hr radius) or close to other family if in another state, just in case they home sick they always close to Family!
                      4. Hit the weight room!!! AGAIN... I said hit the weight room. He been in a weights class since freshman year.
                      5. Eat like its a Job!!! He would and still does shoot for 1000 calories by 9am. Usually we have ham or bacon prepped in fridge, and he will make a 5 egg scramble couple pieces of toast before school, takes 5 min. Protein snacks and shakes through day etc. Athletes in season are burning off like 3000-5000 calories a day. Gotta stay in front of it if and plan calories if want good weight to go on.
                      6. He started journaling his Jr year. what eats, what work outs he does that day. Its OK to have days with nothing in your journal for workouts, but he can reflect on the pages and hold himself accountable if too many days off
                      7. His Jr year started journal each AB, what pitches he seen, sequence, and result. See what works, or how they getting him out.
                      8. Grades... Grades... Grades I know for a fact he is where he is because he a High GPA kid. They see him swing it, and then next question is GPA
                      9. My son adopted the Lions run with Lions mentality! His friend group all like minded athletes that enjoy the grind of the gym/field/cage together. Thursday he got out of school at 1pm and they all hit the cages till 5pm. Now I am sure there is alot of just socializing, but I know some good work in there too. Find a group of LIONS to hang with!
                      10. Try help them develop a routine/plan and then let them execute it.
                      11. Social media.... Make sure they not posting inappropriate stuff... schools look at kids Social feeds now. Since 8th grade summer we have had an Instagram, and Twitter for baseball ONLY stuff. Twitter seems to be the biggest baseball recruiting platform. We ran accounts and content together until he was 16 then I let him takeover.
                      12. Go after the schools.... the old they will find you is not always true. Recruiters are so busy they cant find em all.
                      13. Create a simple gmail account for baseball stuff, Example athlete first/lastname/[email protected]
                      14. Email Staff with short email. Title email with best tool, we used 2022 Power/Contact bat! In email state facts, measurable 3rd party stats exit velo, arm velo, 60yrd time. Include video, lead with best tool because most coaches click out of videos after 30sec. Keep video under 2 min. We always led with hitting, then defense, then running
                      We did not hire any recruiting company, my son and I did it all. Sent over 200 emails since sophmore year, plus follow up emails. If hear nothing follow up every 60 days. Don't be afraid to ask them point blank if they consider you a recruit, and don't be upset when they say no. He had aloooooooooot of no's, and that's fine. move on... but keep moving

                      My Wife and I just constantly tried to put him in the right events, and hope he had a Day!!!
                      ​​​​​​​In the end it only takes one guy to like you!!!!!

                      I know some very specific stuff in there that doesn't work for everyone. Do what works for your athlete, no 2 journey are the same! Good luck on yours!


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                        Pop back in from time to time, congrats T13, really awesome news! The boy has worked hard!
                        Ty Cobb-"Every great batter works on the theory that the pitcher is more afraid of him than he is of the pitcher."


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                          Thanks Chief!


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                            Congrats Coach to you and your son! One of my favorite things to see here at BBF, is when a long time member's postings continue into their player(s) reaching levels that many won't get a chance to awesome!

                            Your subsequent post wrt what it takes to get there is excellent in showing that it takes more than just showing up at the ballpark, and hoping that your skills/talent on the field alone will get you there. While that most definitely helps, as you show, there's much more to it than just that.

                            Great news, and congratulations again,
                            mud -
                            In memory of "Catchingcoach" - Dave Weaver: February 28, 1955 - June 17, 2011


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                              Thanks Mud!
                              For sure... what I shared above is just a very small portion. He made many many decisions and major sacrifices to achieve his goal.
                              Proud of him


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